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Industry Machinery Tenders: Find Latest Tender Notices, for thousands of Industry Machinery eTenders, eProcurement Notices, Bids, Updates & more. Search Government & Private Industry Machinery Tenders published on various tender and eProcurement portals worldwide.

Tendersinfo Has the Largest Database of Global Industry Machinery Tenders online. We cover Industry Machinery Tenders published on thousands of online Tender portals and Newspapers. So that you do not have to visit 100s of websites to find perfect Industry Machinery tender for your Businesss.

Get 100% accurate Tender information for Industry Machinery tenders & find Complete tender details. along with that you can also get tender results, tender updates, procurement notice, Govt Projects, Tender notifications & govt contracts.

Discover Global Industry Machinery Tenders:

Tendersinfo has the most comprehensive coverage for Industry Machinery tenders in 200+ countries globally. So Whether you are looking for small value local tender or a High Value International Industry Machinery Tender, You can be assured to find the Perfect Business opportunity from any corner of the world as Tendersinfo is largest tender aggergator for Industry Machinery tenders of all types where users can find:

  • Industry Machinery tenders by cities
  • Industry Machinery tenders by states
  • Industry Machinery tenders by coutries
  • Industry Machinery tenders by Value
  • Industry Machinery tenders by opening & Closing Date
  • Industry Machinery tenders by Authority

Services and Features for Global Industry Machinery Tenders

Use our Advance search feature to Find the most relevant Tenders for your Business. Filter Industry Machinery Tenders by city, industry, product, keywords, department, tender value, opening date, closing date, open tender, limited tender, Expression of interest (EOI), ICB Tender, NCB Tender.

Keep eyes on important Industry Machinery tenders and by getting daily tender alerts via email and web access for fresh tenders and corrigendum updates for important keywords by sub-industry, products and more.

Download Tender Documents for Industry Machinery tenders. You can find RFP (Request for Proposal), RFQ (Request for Quotation), BOQ (Bid of Quantity), Industry Machinery e Tender Notice documents, Prequalification documents (PQ Docs) Corrigendum, Tender Bid Docs published on various government and private Industry Machinery tender portals worldwide in 1 click.

Our easy-to-use platform makes it simple for you to access the latest Industry Machinery tender documents, helping you to stay up-to-date on the latest opportunities in the industry. Tendersinfo caters to the requirement of all types of people and Businesses, Whether you are a local business owner, a procurement professional MSME, SME or MNC it is a must have tool if you are looking to find and win Industry Machinery tenders for your business.

Government Industry Machinery Tenders

For those who are interested in Government Tenders, Tendersinfo provides Government Industry Machinery tenders from different Ministries, Public Sector Units(PSUs), State Government Tendering Sites, Central Public Procurement Portal(CPPP), Government Authorities and Tnder boards.

Industry Machinery Tender opportunities for all types of Businesses

With the increasing demand for the eProcurement of Industry Machinery Tenders Globally, the number of commercially available tenders in the Industry Machinery sector are increasing, Hence the Industry Machinery Sector is growing rapidly and it brings valuable Tender Opprtunities for thousands of businesses associated with Industry Machinery Sector.

Don't waste time searching Industry Machinery Tenders through multiple websites and portals - let Tendersinfo do the work for you With just one click, you can access all the Industry Machinery tenders you need to succeed. Start your search now and take the first step towards winning your next Industry Machinery tender.

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Non-domestic Vacuum Cleaners And Floor Polishers Tenders, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Tenders, Non-domestic Floor Polishers Tenders, Parts Of Non-domestic Vacuum Cleaners Tenders, Parts Of Non-domestic Floor Polishers Tenders, Weapons, Ammunition And Associated Parts Tenders, Motorized Tanks And Armoured Fighting Vehicles Tenders, Motorized Tanks Tenders, Parts Of Motorized Tanks Tenders, Armoured Fighting Vehicles Tenders, Parts Of Armoured Fighting Vehicles Tenders, Military Weapons Tenders, Directed-energy Weapons Tenders, Rocket-launching Systems Tenders, Flame Throwers Tenders, Water Cannons Tenders, Firearms Tenders, Light Firearms Tenders, Pistols Tenders, Revolvers Tenders, Light Firearms Of Calibre Less Than 7 Mm Tenders, Light Firearms Of 7-mm Calibre Or More Tenders, Rifles Tenders, Mortars Tenders, Heavy Firearms Tenders, Gas Guns Tenders, Ammunition Tenders, Cartridges For Shotguns Tenders, Ammunition For Light Firearms Tenders, Ammunition For Light Firearms Of Calibre Less Than 7 Mm Tenders, Ammunition For Light Firearms Of 7-mm Calibre Or More Tenders, Shells Tenders, Bombs, Grenades, Torpedoes, Mines And Missiles Tenders, Bombs Tenders, Grenades Tenders, Torpedoes Tenders, Mines Tenders, Missiles Tenders, Parts Of Military Weapons Tenders, Parts Of Light Firearms Tenders, Parts Of Light Firearms Of Calibre Less Than 7 Mm Tenders, Parts Of Light Firearms Of 7-mm Calibre Or More Tenders, Parts Of Rocket Launchers Tenders, Parts Of Mortars Tenders, Parts Of Armoured Vehicles Tenders, Domestic Appliances Tenders, Electric Domestic Appliances Tenders, Electrical Domestic Appliances For Use With Foodstuffs Tenders, Domestic Refrigerators And Freezers Tenders, Domestic Refrigerator Tenders, Domestic Freezers Tenders, Chest-type Freezers Tenders, Household Freezers Tenders, Upright-type Freezers Tenders, Food Processors Tenders, Food Blenders Tenders, Food Mixers Tenders, Electrothermic Appliances Tenders, Electric Coffee Makers Tenders, Electric Tea Makers Tenders, Electric Toasters Tenders, Plate Warmers Tenders, Waffle Irons Tenders, Electric Ovens Tenders, Microwave Ovens Tenders, Roasters, Hobs, Hotplates And Boiling Rings Tenders, Roasters Tenders, Hobs Tenders, Hotplates Tenders, Boiling Rings Tenders, Can Openers Tenders, Electrical Domestic Appliances For Use With The Human Body Tenders, Shavers And Hair Clippers Tenders, Shavers Tenders, Hair Clippers Tenders, Hairdressing Appliances Tenders, Hair Dryers Tenders, Hand-drying Apparatus Tenders, Electrical Domestic Appliances For Cleaning; Smoothing Irons Tenders, Dishwashing Machines Tenders, Clothes-washing And Drying Machines Tenders, Washer/dryers Tenders, Drying And Pressing Unit Tenders, Rubbish Compactors Tenders, Floor-maintenance Machines Tenders, Floor-cleaning Machines Tenders, Floor Polishers Tenders, Vacuum Cleaners Tenders, Accessories For Vacuum Cleaners Tenders, Electric Irons Tenders, Steam Irons Tenders, Ventilating Or Recycling Hoods Tenders, Ventilators Tenders, Extraction Ventilators Tenders, Exhaust Fans Tenders, Water Heaters And Heating For Buildings; Plumbing Equipment Tenders, Electrical Instantaneous Or Storage Water Heaters And Immersion Heaters Tenders, Heating Equipment Tenders, Central-heating Equipment Tenders, Electric Heating Resistors Tenders, Electric Soil-heating Apparatus Tenders, Electric Space-heating Apparatus Tenders, Plumbing Equipment Tenders, Parts Of Electric Domestic Appliances Tenders, Non-electric Domestic Appliances Tenders, Domestic Cooking Or Heating Equipment Tenders, Domestic Cooking Appliances Tenders, Gas Refrigerators Tenders, Non-electric Air Heaters Or Hot Air-distributors Tenders, Air Heaters Tenders, Air Dryers Tenders, Compressed-air Dryers Tenders, Instantaneous Or Storage Non-electric Water Heaters Tenders, Gas Appliances Tenders, Gas Heaters Tenders, Parts Of Stoves, Cookers, Plate Warmers And Domestic Appliances Tenders, Parts Of Stoves Tenders, Parts Of Cookers Tenders, Parts Of Plate Warmers Tenders, Miscellaneous Equipment Tenders, Transport Related Equipment Tenders, Road Equipment Tenders, Road-maintenance Equipment Tenders, Road Sweepers Tenders, Gully Emptiers Tenders, De-icing Equipment Tenders, Gritter Vehicles Tenders, Salt Spreaders Tenders, Road Construction And Marking Materials Tenders, Paving Materials Tenders, Road Marking Paint Tenders, Glass Beads For Road Marking Tenders, Coating Materials Tenders, Highway Materials Tenders, Road-repair And Maintenance Materials Tenders, Road-surfacing Materials Tenders, Road Salts Tenders, Flagstones Tenders, Road Traffic Control And Safety Equipment Tenders, Road Traffic Safety Products Tenders, Road Cones Tenders, Road Bollards Tenders, Road Barriers Tenders, Road Fences Tenders, Speed Breaker And Bumps Tenders, Road Delineator Tenders, Road Studs Tenders, Tyre Killers / Road Blockers Tenders, Traffic Signal Lights Tenders, Traffic & Road Sign Tenders, Variable Message Signs Tenders, Illuminated Traffic Signs Tenders, Sign Post Tenders, Parking Control Equipment Tenders, Automated Car Parking Systems Tenders, Toll Equipment Tenders, Road Or Street Furniture Tenders, Bus Shelter Or Bus Stop Posts Tenders, Street-lighting Equipment Tenders, Road Light Tenders, Traffic Enforcement Camera Tenders, Marine Equipment Tenders, Harbour Equipment Tenders, Docking Installations Tenders, Marine Radar Sets Tenders, Marine Navigation Equipment Tenders, Marine Propeller Blades Tenders, Control, Safety Or Signalling Equipment For Port And Waterways Tenders, Lighting For Ship Guidance And Illumination Tenders, Railway Equipment Tenders, Railway Track Construction Materials And Supplies Tenders, Welded Iron Or Steel Angles, Shapes,rods And Sections For Railways Tenders, Track Rails Tenders, Ballastless Track Tenders, Tramline Tenders, Railway Sleeper And Ties Tenders, Wooden Sleeper Tenders, Concrete Sleeper Tenders, Crossheads Tenders, Crossovers Tenders, Railway Frogs Tenders, Railway Points, Turnouts, Switches, And Crossings Tenders, Railway Fastening Products Tenders, Wedge Chairs,Tie Plates And Clips Tenders, Rail Spikes And Screws Tenders, Railway Signalling And Telecom Equipment Tenders, Railway Telecommunications Systems And Equipment Tenders, Railway Level/grade Crossing Systems And Equipment Tenders, Train Control And Monitoring Systems Tenders, Communications Based Train Control(CBTC) System Tenders, ERTMS,ETCS,GSM For Railways Tenders, Electric Traction And Control Systems Tenders, Points Heating System Tenders, Track Maintenance And Alignment Machinery (includes Lining, Levelling, And Tamping Machines; Ballast Regulators And Cleaners) Tenders, Loadbearing Equipment Tenders, Access Platforms Tenders, Goods-handling Platform Tenders, Sludge-handling Equipment Tenders, Sludge-drier Installation Tenders, Hydraulic-platform Hoists Tenders, Access Ramps Tenders, Ferry Ramps Tenders, Passenger Walkway Tenders, Passenger-boarding Stairs Tenders, Gantries Tenders, Floating Dock Tenders, Floating Storage Unit Tenders, Airport Equipment Tenders, Ground Handling And Support Equipment Tenders, Baggage-handling Equipment Tenders, Trolleys For Containers And Pallets Tenders, Passenger Boarding Bridges And Stairs For Aircraft Tenders, Pushback Tugs And Tractors Tenders, Airport Belt Loaders Tenders, Airport Container Loader Tenders, Airport Ground Power Units Tenders, Aircraft Refuelers Tenders, Aircraft Arresting System Tenders, Air Traffic Control, Navigation And Communication Equipments Tenders, Air Traffic Control And Monitoring Equipments Tenders, Air-traffic Control Simulation Tenders, Air-traffic Control Training Tenders, Radio Direction Finder And Non-Directional Beacon Tenders, Radio Direction Finder (RDF) Tenders, Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) Tenders, Doppler VHF Omni Direction Range (DVOR) Tenders, Airport Communication System (COM) Tenders, Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications (AFTN) Tenders, Air Message Handling System (AHMS) Tenders, Aircraft Communications Addressing And Reporting System Tenders, Instrument Landing System (ILS) Tenders, Aviation Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Tenders, Airport Control, Safety Or Signalling Equipment Tenders, Airport Surveillance System (SUR) Tenders, Airport Lighting System Tenders, Runway & Taxiway Inset Lights Tenders, Lighting For Aircraft Guidance And Illumination Tenders, Approach Lighting System(ALS) Tenders, Airport Obstruction & Emergency Warning Lights Tenders, Aerodrome/airport Beacon Lights Tenders, Visual Approach Slope Indicator (vasi) Tenders, Precision Approach Path Indicator (papi) Tenders, Runway Equipments Tenders, Runway Friction Tester Tenders, Airport Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection Equipment Tenders, Runway Maintenance Vehicles Tenders, Runway Snow Blower Tenders, Runway Salt Spreader Tenders, Runway Sweeper And Taxiway Cleaning Devices Tenders, Woodworking Equipment Tenders, Sanding Machines Tenders, Sawing Equipment Tenders, Bridge-suspension Equipment Tenders, Irrigation Equipment Tenders, Center Pivot Irrigation Equipments Tenders, Drip Irrigation Equipments Tenders, Water Harvesting Equipment/Rain Harvesting Equipment Tenders, Drainage Equipment Tenders, Equipment For Swimming Pools Tenders, Hydraulic Equipment Tenders, Gas Engine Tenders, Gas-injection Module Tenders, Boiler Installations Tenders, Hot-water Boilers Tenders, Steam-generating Boilers Tenders, Steam Generators Tenders, Auxiliary Plant For Use With Boilers Tenders, Steam Condensers Tenders, Catering Equipment Tenders, Light Catering Equipment Tenders, Food-preparation Equipment Tenders, Meat Slicers Tenders, Canteen Equipment Tenders, Hotel Equipment Tenders, Industrial Kitchen Equipment Tenders, Restaurant Equipment Tenders, Emergency Security And Protection Equipment Tenders, Firefighting And Rescue Equipment Tenders, Firefighting Equipment Tenders, Fire Appliances Tenders, Fire-extinguishers Tenders, Fire Pumps Tenders, Fire Sprinkler System Tenders, Fire Suppression System Tenders, Fire-detection Systems Tenders, Fire-alarm Systems Tenders, Firefighting Vehicles And Engines Tenders, Fire Vessels Tenders, Fire Fighting And Safety Equipments For Oil And Gas Tenders, Firefighting Materials Tenders, Fire Ladders Tenders, Fire Hoses Tenders, Fire Hydrant Tenders, Fire Doors Tenders, Rescue Equipment And Supplies Tenders, Safety Equipment Tenders, Nuclear Safety Equipment Tenders, Security Systems Tenders, Security Equipment Tenders, Protection Equipment Tenders, Nuclear-reactor Protection System Tenders, Radiation Protection Equipment Tenders, Site-identification Equipment Tenders, Bio-metric System Tenders, Finger Print/Palm Print Recognition System Tenders, Face Recognition System Tenders, Voice Recognition System Tenders, Iris Recognition Tenders, Flexible-working-hours Equipment Tenders, Attendance Management System Tenders, Electronic Timekeeping Systems Tenders, Metal Detectors Tenders, Surveillance System Tenders, Sensors Tenders, Personnel Protective Devices Tenders, Fire And Heat Protective Clothing Tenders, Fire Proximity Suits Tenders, Fire Protective Clothing Tenders, Fire Fighting Boots Tenders, Fire Proof Blanket Tenders, Asbestos And Ceramic Insulation Cloth Tenders, Safety Head Gears Tenders, Safety Helmet Tenders, Ballistic Helmets Tenders, Combat Helmet Tenders, Hearing Protection Equipments Tenders, Safety Muffs For Hearing Protection Tenders, Safety Breathing Equipment Tenders, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) Tenders, Facepiece Tenders, Bombsuit/Blast Suit Tenders, Demining Suit/Demining Armor Tenders, Other Personal Protective Devices And Equipments Tenders, Chemical Protective Suit Tenders, Cut Resistant Garments And Clothing Tenders, Safety Hand Gloves Tenders, Safety Goggles And Glasses/Laser Safety Goggles Tenders, Protective Face Mask Tenders, Welding Shields Tenders, Face Shields Tenders, Protective Footwear And Safety Shoes Tenders, Defence Security Command And Control System Tenders, Electronic Warfare System/Battle Field Management System Tenders, Deployable Command And Control Equipment (DC2E) Tenders, Artillery Command, Control And Weapon Deployment System Tenders, Strategic Weapon System (SWS) /Fire Control System And Attack Weapons Control System Tenders, Attack Weapon Interface System (AWIS)  Tenders, BATTLE HAWK VEHICLE SYSTEM (BHVS)/BATTLEHAWK COMMAND SYSTEM (BHCS) Tenders, Integrated Digital Soldier System Tenders, Surveillance, And Reconnaissance Systems Tenders, Border Security Control And Management Equipments Tenders, Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) Tenders, Access Control System Tenders, Access Gates,Doors And Shutters Tenders, Scada System Tenders, Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) Tenders, Building Management System(BMS) Or Building Automation System (BAS) Tenders, Energy Management Control System (emcs) Tenders, Load Management System Tenders, Street Light Automation And Monitoring System Tenders, Oil & Gas Plant Automation & Control Systems Tenders, Human Machine Interface (HMI) Tenders, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Tenders, Distributed Control System (DCS) Tenders, Railway SCADA Systems Tenders, Automated Vehicle Location And Tracking System Tenders, Cargo And Vessel Tracking System Tenders, AIS (Automatic Identification System) Tenders, Passenger And People Counting System Tenders, Coin Press Tenders, Information-processing Equipment Tenders, Depot System Tenders, Kiosk Tenders, Interactive Kiosk Tenders, Visitor Information Management And Security Kiosk Tenders, Financial Services Kiosk Tenders, Internet Kiosk Tenders, Building Directory And Wayfinding Kiosk Tenders, Ticketing Kiosk Tenders, Telekiosk Tenders, DVD Rental And Gaming Kiosk Tenders, Advertising Kiosk Tenders, Queue Management System Tenders, Voting And Election Machines And Equipments Tenders, Document-based Ballot Voting Systems Tenders, Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) Tenders, Audience Response System/Audience Voting System Tenders, Geological Equipment Tenders, Seismic Equipment Tenders, Topography Equipment Tenders, Digital Remote-control Unit Tenders, Dispensers Tenders, Drinks Dispensers Tenders, Sanitary Dispensing Machines Tenders, Soap Dispenser Tenders, Toilet-roll Dispenser System Tenders, Water Dispenser Tenders, Condom Dispenser Tenders, Gas Network Equipment Tenders, Gas Pressure Equipment Tenders, Sewerage Works Equipment Tenders

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53338 - Live Industry Machinery Tenders
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Tender Location Tender Sector Tender Summary Tender Date Tender Deadline
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) (emergency) Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town S-10bl Outdoor Machine Equipment Work - Booster Pump.
Estimated Cost: 101885675
28-May-2023 01-Jun-2023
Bangladesh Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Supply ,install And Commission Pto Closing By 31 May 2023.
28-May-2023 31-May-2023
Bangladesh Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Three-month Contract For Air Con & Other Appliances Corrective Maintenance Including, Services & Repairs In All Municipal Buildings As And When Required Closing By 31 May 2023.
28-May-2023 31-May-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Gyeongbuk Aviation High School Dormitory Air-conditioning Facility Improvement And Dormitory Sprinkler Facility Design this Announcement Applies The Fingerprint Recognition Electronic Bidding System, So Fingerprint Information Must Be Registered In The F.
Estimated Cost: 34982727
28-May-2023 02-Jun-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Purchase Of 1 Automatic Tube Washing Machine (re-announcement) (re-announcement).
28-May-2023 02-Jun-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) F/g Column 250a Pipe Welding Outsourcing.
Estimated Cost: 4104580
28-May-2023 30-May-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) 3 Kinds Of Welding Rods.
28-May-2023 31-May-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Air Comp. Inlet Cooler.
28-May-2023 31-May-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Water And Sanitation 10 Types Including Scraper (shoe Knife).
Estimated Cost: 1274900
28-May-2023 30-May-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Crusher Universal Drive.
28-May-2023 31-May-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Water And Sanitation Gangseo 1st Pumping Plant Reactor Replacement Work.
Estimated Cost: 4923000
28-May-2023 30-May-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Air Conditioners With Installation Service.
28-May-2023 05-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Provision Of Pump.
28-May-2023 19-Jun-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Purchasing 10 Items Including Globe Valves From Wolseong 2nd Maintenance Technology Department (s Grade/prepared).
28-May-2023 01-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Open Tender For The Purchase Of A Forklift Truck By Requesting Quotations.
Estimated Cost: 13929000
28-May-2023 06-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Water And Sanitation Adjustment And Configuration Of The Newly Introduced Operator Control Panel And The Communication Module Of The Group Plant Control System.
Estimated Cost: 13600000
28-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Minerals And Mining Hoses For Liebherr (24 Lots).
Estimated Cost: 13157648
28-May-2023 07-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Roller For Conveyor.
28-May-2023 02-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Pump Number 5-25.
Estimated Cost: 7623000
28-May-2023 14-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Oil And Gas Product And Equipment Spare Parts For The Repair Of Drilling Rigs Brand Dm, Dml (13 Lots Repeat).
28-May-2023 12-Jun-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) 2023 Q2 Purchase Plan (spiral Bevel Pinion And 4 Other Types) (urgent Notice) (re-announcement) this Announcement Applies The Fingerprint Recognition Electronic Bidding System, So Fingerprint Information Must Be Registered In The Fingerprint Security Toke.
Estimated Cost: 37235850
28-May-2023 01-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Sampling Pump.
28-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Ecuador Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Preventive Maintenance - Corrective Including Spare Parts For The Air Conditioning System Of The Yantzaza Basic Hospital.
28-May-2023 16-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Provision Of Shut-off Valves.
Estimated Cost: 5184800
28-May-2023 01-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Services Maintenance Services For Climate (air Conditioning) Equipment And Systems/ventilation Systems And Equipment.
28-May-2023 06-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Sleeve Hydraulic, High Pressure.
28-May-2023 14-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Air Distributor.
Estimated Cost: 5062500
28-May-2023 01-Jun-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Seatring And 1 Other.
Estimated Cost: 3750000
28-May-2023 30-May-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Crankshaft (3 Lots).
28-May-2023 12-Jun-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Purchasing Government-supplied Materials (piping Materials) For Replacement Of Motor Pumps At Pressurization Plants (announcement Of Cancellation) this Announcement Applies The Fingerprint Recognition Electronic Bidding System, So Fingerprint Information.
Estimated Cost: 13890000
28-May-2023 30-May-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Air Conditioner (split System) Wall-mounted, Cooling Area Up To 50 Sq.m.
Estimated Cost: 4620000
28-May-2023 05-Jun-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E) (re-announcement) Jeju Lng Headquarters Administrative Building Air Conditioner Disassembly And Cleaning Service.
Estimated Cost: 16536000
28-May-2023 01-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Regulating Bellows Valve.
Estimated Cost: 3906300
28-May-2023 06-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Gate Valves Of Two Types.
28-May-2023 01-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Maintenance, Repair Of Transport Air Conditioners Ktg-e2 And Systems That Ensure Their Operation.
Estimated Cost: 3283035
28-May-2023 05-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Tmts (heating Radiator) - Repeat.
28-May-2023 05-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Oil And Gas Product And Equipment Parts On The Preventer.
Estimated Cost: 2765000
28-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Purchasing A Pump.
28-May-2023 01-Jun-2023
Korea Republic of Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Water And Sanitation Baekbeom-ro (2nd) Underground Vlf Diagnosis Service Around Kumnamu Complex Town.
Estimated Cost: 27326038
28-May-2023 07-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Energy, Power And Electrical Tmts (battery, Cooling System Radiator, Compressor) - Repeat.
28-May-2023 05-Jun-2023
Uzbekistan Agriculture, Food And Beverages , Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Provision Of Special Equipment.
28-May-2023 07-Jun-2023
Ecuador Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Hiring Of The Repowering Service Of The Air Conditioning System And The Equipment That Completed The Useful Life Of The Hospital Del Día La Troncal Clinical Surgical Center - Ccqahdt.
28-May-2023 06-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Supply Of Filter (gre-5).
Estimated Cost: 2341440
28-May-2023 05-Jun-2023
Poland Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Healthcare Equipment And Services Delivery Of Devices Divided Into 7 Parts.
28-May-2023 23-Jun-2023
Lithuania Machinery And Equipments(M&E) (pu-10570/23) [itp23] Front Loaders.
28-May-2023 26-Jun-2023
Greece Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Automobiles And Auto Parts "supply Of Construction Machinery, Vehicles Or Accompanying Equipment - Supply Of Garbage Trucks And Agricultural Vehicles To Strengthen The Fleet Of The Municipality Of Almopia".
Estimated Cost: 242742
28-May-2023 02-Jul-2023
Spain Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Framework Agreement For The Supply Of Wabco Replacement Material.
28-May-2023 23-Jun-2023
Bolivia Agriculture, Food And Beverages , Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Acquisition Of Spare Parts For The 850j Caterpillar Tractor, According To The Project: Qualification Of Fallows To Increase Milk Production In 20 Communities Of The Municipality Of San Javier.
Estimated Cost: 61581
28-May-2023 01-Jun-2023
Bolivia Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Acquisition Of A Portable Scale Kit For Axle Weight And Accessories, For The Traffic Unit And Public Transport..
28-May-2023 02-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Industry (zcpt) Microwave Oven, Air Conditioners.
28-May-2023 05-Jun-2023
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