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Italy Tenders - Find latest government Tenders, projects, contracts, and tenders notices in Italy. Get RFPs, bids and tenders, RFQ, GPN and Online Auction in Italy.

Get 100% accurate tender information in Italy, etenders, E-procurement notices, Public Tenders, International Bidding opportunities, Request for Proposal, Request for Quotation, Expression of Interest, General Procurement Notice and more. Tendersinfo is the most trusted platform for all your government contract requirements in Italy. German public tenders easily accessible and provide the most accurate and up to date information on the web.

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Tendersinfo is your one stop portal to search local tenders, state tenders & international Tenders in Italy. Tendersinfo makes it really easy for you to find best tender for your business needs by comparing ROI, project type, bids closed time etc. Get complete info on Italy tenders & Contracts released by:

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Tendersinfo is a powerful, searchable database that provides users with the best opportunities from Tenders and Contracts published in Italy. You can Find the perfect opportunity for your next business venture by Using Advance search in our database by various search option like Location wise tender, NCBs, ICBs, CPV, Funded Tenders , Live/Active Tender, open tender, archive tender, latest tender and Italy Free Tenders, etc. Contact us today and you'll be on your way to finding the perfect opportunity.

Top Sectors and industries in Italy

Tendersinfo is the best and most reliable online tenders website in Italy, providing latest government and private tenders, public procurement notices and contracts from all over Italy. Tendersinfo cover every industries & sectors in Italy to help people find their next business opportunity. However, you can find some of the top industries and sectors In Italy which brings enormous business opportunities

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  • Italy GIS/ GPS Tenders
  • Italy Power & Energy Tenders
  • Italy Renewable Energy Tenders
  • Italy Non-Renewable Energy Tenders
  • Italy Engineering Tenders
  • Italy Marine Tenders
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Italy Projects

Tendersinfo provide advance & accurate projects information. Users can use the projects information to plan & Pitch to buyers with their capability statement well in advance. Tendersinfo provide latest information on upcoming projects in Italy.

  • Italy public private partnership project
  • Italy government contract
  • Italy turnkey project
  • Italy build operate transfer project
  • Italy Infrastructure Project
  • Italy BOT/BOOT Projects
  • Italy Software Projects Etc.

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Italy Contracts:

Tendersinfo provide latest Contract information about Italy Procurement and Contracts. User can get information about who won the contract and at what price? You can subscribe Contract information of tendersinfo on awarded tenders from Italy Federal Contracts, Italy contracts, tender result and latest government contract awards.

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1903 - Live Tenders in Italy
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Tender Location Tender Sector Tender Summary Tender Date Tender Deadline
Italy Tenders Airports Tenders, Infrastructure And Construction Tenders, Energy, Power And Electrical Tenders Extraordinary Maintenance Service Relating To The Decennial Verification And Static-structural Verification For The Light Towers Installed At The Pio La Torre Airport.
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Metals And Non-Metals Tenders Contract For The Assignment Of The "ordinary Maintenance Service For The Redevelopment Of Airside And Landside Signage At The Catania Fontanarossa Airport - Cig: 9587595dac".
Estimated Cost: 1050000
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Services Tenders Procurement Of Catering Services.
28-Jan-2023 02-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Banking, Finance, Insurance And Securities (BFIS) Tenders, Management, Business And Administration Tenders Technical Support Service For The Activities Carried Out With The Disabled Fund Of The Lombardy Region And Relating To Professional Apprenticeship And On-desk And On-site Administrative Control.
Estimated Cost: 295000
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Engineering Tenders, Fire Safety And Security Tenders Works Management And Safety Coordination Service During Execution.
Estimated Cost: 220270
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Software Services Tenders Open-procedure European Tender For The Assignment Of Professional Services In The Context Of The Cdp Business Matching Platform.
Estimated Cost: 651080
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Education And Training Tenders Sole Contracting Station In The Province Of Novara For The Municipality Of Ghemme. Open Tender Procedure For The Assignment Of The Municipal Nursery School Management Service. Period 5 Years From 1.2.2023.
Estimated Cost: 902303
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Management, Business And Administration Tenders, Engineering Tenders Provision For Architecture And Engineering Services - Variant Sp. 46 North Of Malo "right Leogra".
Estimated Cost: 345956
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Services Tenders Provision For Open Procedure For The Assignment Of The Management Service Of The Visitor Center And Event Organization Of The Regional Nature Reserve Of Val Rosandra-dolina Glinšcice.
Estimated Cost: 282750
28-Jan-2023 28-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Metals And Non-Metals Tenders Supply And Allocation Of Bins For Msw Collection In Separate Mode In External Areas..
28-Jan-2023 20-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Architecture And Urban Development Tenders Specialized Design Services Relating To A New Basin And Artificial Snow System Of The Snow Park At The Mottolino Ski Area In Livigno.
Estimated Cost: 302184
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Railways Tenders, Smart Cards And Other Access Control System Tenders, Engineering Tenders Framework Agreement For The Executive Design And Execution Of Maintenance Works On Railway Buildings And External Areas Serving Railway Operations, Including The Related Rfi Systems.
Estimated Cost: 47348026
28-Jan-2023 17-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Engineering Tenders, GIS/ GPS Tenders, Water And Sanitation Tenders Technical Engineering And Architecture Services For "hydrogeological Risk Mitigation Interventions Through The Construction Of A New Sewage Section On The External Circumvallation Of The New Appia Via Appia".
Estimated Cost: 367897
28-Jan-2023 01-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Consultancy Tenders, Engineering Tenders, Environment And Pollution Tenders, Water And Sanitation Tenders Design Competition In Two Stages "interregional Integrated Project For The Environmental Remediation Of Surface Water Bodies In The Province Of Salerno And The Province Of Potenza"..
Estimated Cost: 382806
28-Jan-2023 01-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Infrastructure And Construction Tenders, Roadways Tenders, Consultancy Tenders, Energy, Power And Electrical Tenders Open Project Financing Procedure For The Acquisition Of Management Services For Public Lighting Systems And Their Construction, Adaptation And Redevelopment.
28-Jan-2023 16-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders GIS/ GPS Tenders, Consultancy Tenders Definitive And Executive Design, As Well As Topographic Surveys, Geognostic Investigations And Evaluation Of The Archaeological Interest With Reservation Also Of The Management Services.
28-Jan-2023 17-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Management, Business And Administration Tenders Provision Of External Mid-term Evaluation Parm Horizon 2.
28-Jan-2023 17-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Energy, Power And Electrical Tenders Supply Of Electricity In Medium Tension (mt) To Ungsc, Brindisi, Italy.
28-Jan-2023 05-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Energy, Power And Electrical Tenders Supply Of Electricity In Medium Tension (mt) To Ungsc, Brindisi, Italy.
28-Jan-2023 20-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Services Tenders, Marine Tenders Administrative, Technical And It Support Services For Offices, Operational Headquarters, Visitor Centres, Land And Naval Vehicles. Annuity 2023.
Estimated Cost: 271003
28-Jan-2023 24-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Roads And Highways Tenders "modernization Of The Department And Construction Of A Second Operating Room, With A "turnkey" Formula, Including Furniture And Equipment/electromedical Systems, Of The Neurosurgery Department.
Estimated Cost: 3958995
28-Jan-2023 06-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Software Services Tenders Identification Of Economic Operators For The Management Of Reception Services You Know.
Estimated Cost: 1663593
28-Jan-2023 07-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Services Tenders Telematic Open Procedure, For The Assignment Of The "integrated Reception Service For Holders Of International Protection (sai)" - Municipality Of Grumo Appula..
Estimated Cost: 2210420
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Roadways Tenders Aggregate Open Procedure For The Assignment Of The Collection And Transport Of Valuables Service Required By Asst Brianza As Lead Contractor And Asst Garda As Principal.
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Industry Tenders, Laboratory Equipment And Services Tenders 2223 Public Notice Preliminary Market Consultation Preparatory To The Calling Of A Procedure For The Assignment Of The Supply Of Analytical Services For The Execution Of Immunometric And Hplc Dosages.
28-Jan-2023 15-Jun-2023
Italy Tenders Roads And Highways Tenders, Engineering Tenders, Roadways Tenders Open Procedure For The Assignment Of The "specialist Support And Project Management Service For The Implementation Of The National Road Safety Plan 2030" - Cig 9585167a07.
28-Jan-2023 15-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Pharmaceuticals Tenders European Tender With Electronic Open Procedure, Pursuant To Articles 58 And 60 Of Legislative Decree 50/2016 And Subsequent Amendments, For The Supply Of Disinfectants And Antiseptics Product Category D, Necessary For U.u.o.o. P.
Estimated Cost: 360810
28-Jan-2023 23-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Roadways Tenders School Transport Service With Guide For The Duration Of Two Years.
Estimated Cost: 402154
28-Jan-2023 10-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Services Tenders Management Services Of Reception Centers Made Up Of Single Housing Units I.
Estimated Cost: 2783238
28-Jan-2023 01-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders BFIS - Insurance Tenders Open Procedure For Awarding The Insurance Services Of The A.m.t.s. Catania Spa.
Estimated Cost: 3847500
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Infrastructure And Construction Tenders, Water And Sanitation Tenders, Engineering Tenders Completion Of The Improvement, Restructuring And Efficiency Improvement Interventions Of The Adduction, Storage And Distribution Networks Of The Mucone Consortium Irrigation System.
Estimated Cost: 8264580
28-Jan-2023 21-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Architecture And Urban Development Tenders, Engineering Tenders Design Services For The Construction Of Offices Intended For Branches Of The Public Health Department.
Estimated Cost: 377177
28-Jan-2023 01-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Healthcare Equipment And Services Tenders Three-year Ordinary And Extraordinary Maintenance Service Of Electro-medical Equipment Manufactured By Siemens Healthcare Srl Located In The Healthcare Facilities Under The Jurisdiction Of Asl Ta.
Estimated Cost: 560850
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Water And Sanitation Tenders, Infrastructure And Construction Tenders Interventions For The Improvement And Adaptation Of The Adduction Systems And Distribution Networks Of The Consortium Irrigation System Of The Sila Plateau.
Estimated Cost: 7770224
28-Jan-2023 21-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Building Tenders Exploratory Public Notice For "market Survey" Aimed At Verifying The Presence Of Economic Operators Suitable For Supplying Products For Interventional Procedures For Hemodynamic Services,.
28-Jan-2023 09-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Industry Tenders, Laboratory Equipment And Services Tenders Three-year Supply Of A Fully Automatic System For The Determination Of Mycobacterius Tuberculosis Dna And Resistance To Anti-tuberculosis Drugs, Necessary For The Analysis Laboratory.
28-Jan-2023 24-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Fire Safety And Security Tenders, Engineering Tenders Drafting Of The Definitive Project Executive Project And Safety Coordination In The Design Phase Of The Seismic Improvement Works And Renovation Of The Building Called Medi.
Estimated Cost: 279461
28-Jan-2023 03-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders BFIS - Insurance Tenders Insurance Coverage Service Against Damage To Real Estate And Movable Assets Of The Municipality Of Imperia.
Estimated Cost: 569349
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Healthcare Equipment And Services Tenders Supply Of Pericardial Vascular Patches For Vascular Repair For The
Estimated Cost: 976500
28-Jan-2023 15-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Healthcare Equipment And Services Tenders Collection And Delivery Service Of Biological Samples For Extended Newborn Screening Of Hereditary Metabolic Diseases In The Campania And Calabria Regions.
Estimated Cost: 1710000
28-Jan-2023 28-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Environment And Pollution Tenders The Assignment Of The Service For The Treatment/disposal Of Differentiated Waste For The Municipality Of Marigliano (naples).
Estimated Cost: 458048
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Healthcare Equipment And Services Tenders Contract For The Supply Of N. 1 Three-dimensional Cardiological Ultrasound And N. 2 Cardiological Ultrasound Scanners And Relative Accessories And Probes.
Estimated Cost: 287000
28-Jan-2023 14-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Services Tenders Assignment Of The Integrated Reception Service For Applicants And Holders Of International Protection Prog-613-pr-2 "active Life: Well-being, Health And Social Integration" For The Three-year Period 2023-2025.
Estimated Cost: 983440
28-Jan-2023 14-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Pharmaceuticals Tenders Supply In Service And In Framework Agreement Of Diagnostic Systems And Reagents For The Execution Of Molecular Biology Investigations (nat) For The Validation Of Blood Units And Blood Components.
Estimated Cost: 13200000
28-Jan-2023 20-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Pharmaceuticals Tenders In-service Supply Of Analytical Systems For Immunohaematological Determinations, Related Reagents And Consumables For The Execution Of Immunohaematology Tests - Transfusion Medicine Structure.
Estimated Cost: 2010000
28-Jan-2023 08-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Infrastructure And Construction Tenders, Water And Sanitation Tenders, Engineering Tenders "implementation Of A Monitoring System Of Consortium Irrigation Volumes And Management Of Illegal Uses And Water Losses".
Estimated Cost: 2472439
28-Jan-2023 01-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Energy, Power And Electrical Tenders Supply And Installation Of Lighting Fixtures.
Estimated Cost: 242486
28-Jan-2023 28-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Industry Tenders, Laboratory Equipment And Services Tenders Telematic Open Procedure Tender For The Supply Of Tests For The Determination Of The Content Of (1-3) ß-d-glucan Including Instrumentation For U.o. Microbiology Laboratory Ausl Of Romagna.
Estimated Cost: 2698150
28-Jan-2023 28-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Building Tenders Supply Of Ferroalloys For The Bari National Foundry Armament Workshop.
Estimated Cost: 3437996
28-Jan-2023 03-Mar-2023
Italy Tenders Banking, Finance, Insurance And Securities (BFIS) Tenders Provision For Contract For The Award Of Investment Risk Management Services Of The Enasarco Foundation For The Duration Of 36 Months - Cig: 95545063c7.
Estimated Cost: 375000
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
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