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Tendersinfo is the best and most reliable online tenders website in Mediterranean, providing latest government and private tenders, public procurement notices and contracts from all over Mediterranean. Tendersinfo covers every industries & sectors in Mediterranean to help people find their next business opportunity. However, you can find some of the top industries and sectors In Mediterranean which brings enormous business opportunities.

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Tender Location Tender Sector Tender Summary Tender Date Tender Deadline
Spain Tenders Engineering Tenders, Transportation Tenders Consulting And Advice On Mobility And Transport Infrastructure In The Municipal Term.
Estimated Cost: 31405
28-Jan-2023 10-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Services Tenders Service Contract: Implementation Of The Young Afternoons Project .
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
France Tenders Engineering Tenders, GIS/ GPS Tenders, Water And Sanitation Tenders Instrumentation Of Sealing Demonstrators (geotechnical, Hydrogeological And Geophysics).
28-Jan-2023 10-Mar-2023
Portugal Tenders Engineering Tenders Acquisition Of Services For The Elaboration Of Execution Project Under The Project Prr-c05-i03-p-50 For The Oeiras Innovation Pole.
28-Jan-2023 04-Mar-2023
Macedonia Tenders Architecture And Urban Development Tenders Developing Complete Technical Documentation For The Construction Of The City Recreation Park ~~ Kanlieva Wild "with Accessible Infrastructure.
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
Portugal Tenders Software Services Tenders Td-ap-c17-i03-"digital Transition In Social Security"-acquisition Of Accessibility Solution For Standard Jobs.
28-Jan-2023 03-Feb-2023
France Tenders Sports And Leisure Tenders Procurement, Delivery, Installation Of Sports Equipment In Skpc "mejdan" Tuzla.
28-Jan-2023 15-Feb-2023
France Tenders Roadways Tenders, Infrastructure And Construction Tenders Installation And Maintenance Of Vertical Traffic Signals On Streets And Local Roads In The Area city Of Banja Luka.
28-Jan-2023 15-Feb-2023
France Tenders Printing And Publishing Tenders Printing And Enclosing Invoices.
28-Jan-2023 06-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Healthcare Equipment And Services Tenders Recruitment Of The Health Care Service Of Surgical Medical Specialties At The Fremap Hospital In Majadahonda For Fremap, Mutual Collaborator With Social Security Nº 61..
28-Jan-2023 28-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Healthcare Equipment And Services Tenders Recruitment Of The Emergency Health Care Service In The Territorial Scope Of The Autonomous Communities Of Extremadura And Andalusia For Fremap, Mutua Collaboradora Con La Seguridad Social Nº61.
28-Jan-2023 16-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Healthcare Equipment And Services Tenders Recruitment Of The Outpatient Rehabilitation Health Service With The Use Of A Robotic Device For Patients Affected By Neurological Damage, In The Territorial Area Of The Autonomous Community Of Madrid For Fremap, Mutua Collaboradora Con La Seguridad Socia.
28-Jan-2023 15-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Healthcare Equipment And Services Tenders Recruitment Of The Diagnostic Imaging Service In The Territorial Scope Of The Autonomous Communities Of Andalusia And Catalonia For Fremap, Mutua Collaboradora Con La Seguridad Social Nº61..
28-Jan-2023 10-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Human Resource(HR) Tenders Recruitment Of The Physiotherapy Health Service In Ciudadela, Located In The Balearic Islands For Fremap, Mutua Collaboradora Con La Seguridad Social Nº61.
28-Jan-2023 09-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Real Estate Tenders Supply In The Leasing Modality Without The Option To Buy (renting) Of Several Vehicles For The Langreo City Council.
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Tenders Supply Of A Forklift In The Work Center Of Cantos Altos, Tm: Collado Villalba.
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
Serbia Tenders Telecommunications Tenders Procurement Of Presentation Screen Holder.
28-Jan-2023 02-Feb-2023
Serbia Tenders Chemicals Tenders Procurement Of Sulfur Granulation.
28-Jan-2023 02-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Real Estate Tenders Lease Of One (1) Space For Souvenirs And Gifts At The Gran Canaria Airport.
28-Jan-2023 23-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Industrial Automation And Control Tenders, Software Services Tenders, Water And Sanitation Tenders Installation Of Technologies For An Efficient Use Of Water Resources With Related Sensors And Automation System And Remote Control Of Irrigation Systems.
28-Jan-2023 28-Feb-2023
France Tenders Industry Tenders, Laboratory Equipment And Services Tenders, Healthcare Equipment And Services Tenders Biochemistry Service: Role Of Anticoagulant Protein S In Sickle Cell Disease For Inserm Unit U1176.
28-Jan-2023 06-Feb-2023
France Tenders Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Tenders, Energy, Power And Electrical Tenders, Infrastructure And Construction Tenders Maintenance Of Heating And Domestic Hot Water Production, Air Conditioning And Ventilation Installations.
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Healthcare Equipment And Services Tenders Supply Of A Monitoring System With Central Unit For The Coronary Intensive Care Unit (ccu) - Cardiology Of The Bolzano Hospital, South Tyrolean Health Authority.
28-Jan-2023 25-Feb-2023
Italy Tenders Software Services Tenders Evolutionary Maintenance Service Of The Futura Platform.
28-Jan-2023 06-Feb-2023
France Tenders Roads And Highways Tenders Development Of Access, Roads And Networks For The Prestige Business Area.
28-Jan-2023 28-Feb-2023
France Tenders BFIS - Insurance Tenders Insurance Benefits For Civil Liability And Property Damage.
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
France Tenders Services Tenders Upgrading The Technical Equipment Of The Sdis Des Vosges Fire Training Center.
28-Jan-2023 06-Mar-2023
France Tenders Services Tenders Operation Of The Fleury-su nautical Stopover .
28-Jan-2023 24-Feb-2023
France Tenders Renewable Energy Tenders, Consultancy Tenders Central Consultation Pv On Canopies And Roof Of An Existing Padel.
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
France Tenders Infrastructure And Construction Tenders, Water And Sanitation Tenders Works On The Drinking Water Network In Rue Porte De Sologne In Sully-sur-loire..
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Consultancy Tenders, Renewable Energy Tenders, GIS/ GPS Tenders, Water And Sanitation Tenders Support Service Contract And Technical Assistance In The Management Of Hydroelectric Uses And Their Adaptation To Hydrological Planning And Other Regulations In The Territorial Area Of The Galicia-costa Hydrographic Demarcation.
28-Jan-2023 06-Mar-2023
France Tenders Software Services Tenders Development Of A Module That Can Be Integrated Into The Abc Map Tool Of Fao Czz 3284 01 E.
28-Jan-2023 27-Feb-2023
Lebanon Tenders Management, Business And Administration Tenders Individual Consultant: Inception Phase Technical Team Leader.
28-Jan-2023 10-Feb-2023
Macedonia Tenders Energy, Power And Electrical Tenders Procurement Of Services For The Production Of Project Documentation And Production Of Energy Efficiency Report.
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
Macedonia Tenders Consultancy Tenders, Engineering Tenders Service For The Preparation Of Project Documentation And Its Certification.
28-Jan-2023 14-Feb-2023
Syria Arab Republic Tenders Industry Tenders Securing All Kinds Of Plaque Material And Appearance In Both Types For The Necessity Of The Syrian General Organization For Books.
28-Jan-2023 03-Feb-2023
Syria Arab Republic Tenders Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Tenders Presentation Of The Material Mill Separator For The Second Line, Number /1/.
28-Jan-2023 22-Feb-2023
Syria Arab Republic Tenders Industry Tenders Securing The (high) Imitation Material In The Amount Of /13400/ Kg. It Is Necessary To Carry Out The Maintenance Of The Long And Short Runways At Damascus International Airport..
28-Jan-2023 08-Feb-2023
Syria Arab Republic Tenders Services Tenders Rehabilitation And Equipment Of The Automatic Feeding And Skimming System In The Care Unit Rehabilitation And Equipment Of The Automatic Feeding And Skimming System In The Care Unit.
28-Jan-2023 06-Feb-2023
Syria Arab Republic Tenders Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Tenders, Oil And Gas Product And Equipment Tenders Supply, Installation And Operation Of An Automatic Oil Filling Line And Training Of Workers On It.
28-Jan-2023 21-Feb-2023
Cyprus Tenders Machinery And Equipments(M&E) Tenders Tender For The Supply Of Speech Valves For The Needs Of Laryngectomy Patients Within The Framework Of The Nhs.
28-Jan-2023 03-Mar-2023
Cyprus Tenders Oil And Gas Services Tenders, Engineering Tenders Request For Proposal For The Provision Of Regulatory, Engineering, Supervision And Operation Services For The Development Of The Natural Gas Transmission System In The Republic Of Cyprus.
28-Jan-2023 28-Feb-2023
Cyprus Tenders Infrastructure And Construction Tenders Tau 51/2022 Remedial Works At The Water Tank In Kolossi (nsr3).
28-Jan-2023 28-Feb-2023
Cyprus Tenders Retail Tenders The Municipality Of Larnaca Announces A Tender For The Granting Of A License To Snack Bar No. 2, Located In The New Municipal Market.
28-Jan-2023 17-Feb-2023
Cyprus Tenders Energy, Power And Electrical Tenders, Infrastructure And Construction Tenders, Oil And Gas Services Tenders, Marine Tenders Construction Of A Mooring And Installation Of Two (2) Submarine Pipelines For The Transport Of Lpg In The Sea Port Area Of ??zygio (vasilikos), As Detailed In The Tender Documents..
28-Jan-2023 03-Mar-2023
France Tenders Roads And Highways Tenders Redevelopment Work On Rue Constantin Gauthier And Development Of The Louis Armand Forecourt.
28-Jan-2023 11-Feb-2023
France Tenders Engineering Tenders, Healthcare Equipment And Services Tenders, Management, Business And Administration Tenders 210359_programming Mission Pavilions E And F.
28-Jan-2023 22-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Metals And Non-Metals Tenders Supply Of Two Prefabricated Modules In Rent, To Expand The Space Of The Fitness Room Of The Facilities Of The L11 Sports Complex, Belonging To The Municipal Sports Facilities Of Sant Andreu De La Barca..
Estimated Cost: 26530
28-Jan-2023 10-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Automobiles And Auto Parts Tenders, Services Tenders Rental Of Five-seater Medium Vans (n1) For The Employment Promotion Projects Promoted By The Human Resources, Employment And Entrepreneurship Area.
Estimated Cost: 38808
28-Jan-2023 02-Feb-2023
Spain Tenders Consultancy Tenders, Environment And Pollution Tenders Service Contract For The Management Of The Works Of Corrective Measures Environmental Dimpact Of The C -58 Of The Pk 12 600 To 18 800. Badia Del Vallès - Terrassa. Key: Ab-14009-c1.
Estimated Cost: 42851
28-Jan-2023 13-Feb-2023
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