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Our easy-to-use platform makes it simple for you to access the latest Services tender documents, helping you to stay up-to-date on the latest opportunities in the industry. Tendersinfo caters to the requirement of all types of people and Businesses, Whether you are a local business owner, a procurement professional MSME, SME or MNC it is a must have tool if you are looking to find and win Services tenders for your business.

Government Services Tenders

For those who are interested in Government Tenders, Tendersinfo provides Government Services tenders from different Ministries, Public Sector Units(PSUs), State Government Tendering Sites, Central Public Procurement Portal(CPPP), Government Authorities and Tnder boards.

Services Tender opportunities for all types of Businesses

With the increasing demand for the eProcurement of Services Tenders Globally, the number of commercially available tenders in the Services sector are increasing, Hence the Services Sector is growing rapidly and it brings valuable Tender Opprtunities for thousands of businesses associated with Services Sector.

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Tender Location Tender Sector Tender Summary Tender Date Tender Deadline
Spain Security Services Leasing Contract With The Option To Purchase A System With Surveillance, Security, Control And Alarm Devices For The Users Of The Baeza Home.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Spain Automobiles And Auto Parts, Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Services Discontinuous Rental Without Driver, Of A Lifting Platform, For Each Of The Container Classification Plants In Alzira And Benidorm.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Spain Services, Environment And Pollution Cleaning Of Surface Waters On The Beaches Of The Municipality Of Rincón De La Victoria 2023 Season.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Spain Services Cleaning Service In The Central Services Of Aena S.m.e., S.a..
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Spain Management, Business And Administration, Services The Entity Needs To Formalize The Contracting Of The Services Of An Expert For The Coordination Of Administrative And Logistical Tasks In The Execution Of The Project With Its National Counterparts And International Organizations, At A Rate Of Better Valu.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Poland Services Order Notice services order For Economic Promotion Of West Pomerania During A Series Of Outdoor Events.
30-May-2023 07-Jun-2023
Spain Agriculture, Food And Beverages , Services Clearing And Cleaning Services Of Accesses And Roads In Sabiñánigo.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Spain Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Services Supply-replacement Of A Dishwashing Tunnel For The Assisted Residence For The Elderly In Segovia.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Panama Services Public Bidding (premium Contract) No.1000914613-08-107. 2nd Inv. (120) Platelet Collection Kit. Technical Data Sheet:04002582, C.t.n.i.:36407.
30-May-2023 29-May-2023
Kazakhstan Services Cleaning Services For Stoves/chimneys/ventilation Ducts And Similar Equipment, Almaty Post Office.
Estimated Cost: 396000
30-May-2023 30-May-2023
Austria Industry, Services Manual Ultrasonic And Eddy Current Testing (ps 642).
30-May-2023 12-Jun-2023
Peru Engineering, Services Contracting The Consulting Service For The Preparation Of The Technical File: Creation Of The Multipurpose Park In The Mz G Lot 3 Of The A.h. Los Cedros Of The District Of Nuevo Chimbote - Province Of Santa - Department Of Ancash, With Unique Code 2564676.
Estimated Cost: 81060
30-May-2023 05-Jun-2023
Spain Services Leasing Assembly And Disassembly Of Tents And Infrastructures For The Delegations Of Festivals And Popular Traditions For The Festival Of San Juan Bautista In Arroyo De La Miel During 2023..
30-May-2023 08-Jun-2023
Spain Roadways, Services External Handling And Storage Service At The Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofía..
Estimated Cost: 1359513
30-May-2023 23-Jun-2023
Peru Services Contracting The Consulting Service For The Preparation Of The Technical File: Creation Of The Recreation And Leisure Service In The Mz K Lot 1 Of The A.h. Vista Alegre District Of Nuevo Chimbote - Province Of Santa - Department Of Ancash, With Unique Code.
Estimated Cost: 60941
30-May-2023 05-Jun-2023
Poland Services Announcement On The Performance Of The Contract services logistics Service Of The 33rd Congress Of Deans Of The Faculty Of Electricity, Electronics, Telecommunications, Automation, Robotics, Cybernetics, Mechatronics And Information.
30-May-2023 14-Jun-2023
Spain Automobiles And Auto Parts, Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Services Contract Derived From The Framework Agreement For The Rental Of Machinery With Driver For The Tragsa Works In Melilla, To Be Awarded By Simplified Open Procedure..
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Spain Services Document Translation Service In The Field Of Management Of The Provincial Directorate Of The National Social Security Institute Of Castellón.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
France Automobiles And Auto Parts, Services Provision Of Professional Drivers For The 2023 Rugby World Cup Organizing Committee.
30-May-2023 26-Jun-2023
Spain Services Service For The Organization And Execution Of The Jédula Fair 2023 Events.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Netherlands Services Management And Maintenance Of Building-related Installations.
30-May-2023 19-Jul-2023
Spain Roadways, Services User Attention During Traffic Restrictions In Formentor - Ma-2210, At T.m. Of Pollen.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Poland Services Provision Of Respite Care Service - Day Stay At The Place Of Residence A Disabled Person From The Area Of ??the Commune Chodziez As Part Of The Wytch Care Program. Edition 2023. Implementation Task. Under The Fund. Solid..
30-May-2023 06-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Railways, Services Works On The Repair Of Railway Transport Equipment.
30-May-2023 07-Jun-2023
Spain Chemicals, Services Supply Of Cleaning And Toilet Material..
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Spain Telecommunications, Security Services Communications Infrastructure, Installation Of Telecommunications Equipment, Exhibition Equipment, Audiovisual Equipment, Audiovisual Materials; Surveillance And Security Devices.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Spain Services Organization Services For The Xix Spanish-portuguese Fair Of Ecological Products Ecocultura 2023..
30-May-2023 16-Jun-2023
Indonesia Automobiles And Auto Parts, Services Tool Rental Service.
30-May-2023 02-Jun-2023
Spain Software Services , Services Recruitment Of The Triana Performance On 05/15/2023 For The Celebration Of The Patron Saint Festivities Of 2023.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Poland Security Services Order Notice services liquidation Of Tangible Evidence Stored In The Deposit And Liquidation Warehouses Of The Silesian Customs And Tax Office.
30-May-2023 06-Jun-2023
Indonesia Services Rewinding Motor Kompresor 15 Kw.
30-May-2023 31-May-2023
Kazakhstan Services Checking Belts In Karaganda And Almaty (vtk) 32.
30-May-2023 05-Jun-2023
Spain Services Hairdressing Service In The So-called Day Center For The Elderly In Tordesillas.
30-May-2023 08-Jun-2023
Indonesia Automobiles And Auto Parts, Services Rent A Pick-up Car For 1 Unit Of Ops Pja For The Period July 2023 - June 2024.
30-May-2023 02-Jun-2023
Spain Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Services, Roads And Highways Contract Derived From The Framework Agreement For The Rental Of Civil Works Machinery And Trucks, For Construction And Demolition Works, Equipped With An Operator, For Actions Within The Territorial Scope Of The Provincial Management Of Tragsa In Cádiz..
30-May-2023 08-Jun-2023
Indonesia Automobiles And Auto Parts, Services Rent 4 Units Of Pick-up Cars And 1 Unit Of Ops Tija Box Car For The Period July 2023 - June 2024.
30-May-2023 02-Jun-2023
Indonesia Services Event Organizer For Lapor! Goes To Campus.
30-May-2023 12-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Machinery And Equipments(M&E), Services Maintenance Services For Climate (air Conditioning) Equipment And Systems/ventilation Systems And Equipment.
Estimated Cost: 352750
30-May-2023 08-Jun-2023
Spain Energy, Power And Electrical, Services Preventive Maintenance Service For Evercool Equipment For The Production Of Magnetometer-compatible Liquid Helium. This Contract Is Part Of The Project For Tuning The Magnetic Properties Of Magnetotactic Bacteria For Cancer Therapies. Project Pid2020-1157.
30-May-2023 08-Jun-2023
Poland Services Announcement On The Performance Of The Contract services Mechanical Post-winter Sweeping Of Municipal Streets (wet Cleaning) In The Town Of Kobylka In 2023..
30-May-2023 15-Jun-2023
Indonesia Services, Railways Replacing The Defective/worn R.54 Rail In Daop 1 Area Of ??jakarta.
30-May-2023 06-Jun-2023
Indonesia Railways, Services Replacing Damaged/broken Concrete Sleepers In Daop 1 Area Of ??jakarta.
30-May-2023 06-Jun-2023
Spain Services Support And Reinforcement Service For Teachers In 3-year-old Classrooms In Public Infant And Primary Schools In The Municipality, For The 2023-2024 School Year.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Indonesia Services Umbrella Contract For Routine Maintenance Of Aerobridge Equipment.
30-May-2023 07-Jun-2023
Norway Engineering, Water And Sanitation, Services Trondheim Municipality, Hereinafter Referred To As The Client, Invites Open Competition For A Contract In The Project "framework Agreement For Engineering And Consultancy Services Dams And Waterways"..
30-May-2023 28-Aug-2023
Kazakhstan Services Provision Of Tmc (bugel).
30-May-2023 31-May-2023
Poland Services Announcement On The Performance Of The Contract services provision Of Catering Services For Authorized Persons Indicated By The Social Welfare Center Of The Wola District Of The Capital City Of Warsaw.
30-May-2023 13-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Services Maintenance Services For Instrumentation And Automation And Similar Measuring Instruments And Equipment.
Estimated Cost: 337500
30-May-2023 02-Jun-2023
Spain Paper And Packaging , Services Hygienic Consumables Special Delegation Of Valencia.
30-May-2023 09-Jun-2023
Kazakhstan Services Services For Verification Of Measuring Instruments.
30-May-2023 01-Jun-2023
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