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Furniture industry has changed over the years. There is a boom time for furniture industry. Meanwhile, developing countries and regions like China, Southeast Asia, Poland and Mexico, with China taking the lead, have built upon their respective competitive advantages and gradually have covered almost 30% of the world market. The furniture industry in such countries is developing strongly and showing great potentials. The European Union furniture industry accounts for about half of the world'sfurniture production. The production value of this industry in this region isaround 82 billion. The major furniture producing countries in South East Asiaare Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia,Singapore, Thailand, Korea,Taiwan and India. In the contextof global furniture trade, Asia shows healthysigns of growth with respect to its other international competitors. Asian furniture has always been popular in developed countries like USA, Europe and Australia. India presents a favourable outlook to the prospect of the furniture sector. Thus, there is huge demand for Furniture industry news and contracts as well as global furniture news, Furniture government news, Furniture public news notices, Furniture procurement notices, Furniture bids and Furniture bid invitation.