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Indian Geo spatial Market is on the verge of a humongous growth. Most Indian firms in GIS are involved in the data collection, data capture and data conversion scenario. The government is the biggest consumer of GIS applications and uses it actively. India, with its diverse landscapes a perfect fit for a technology like GIS. This is largely attained due to government focus on use of GIS and large initiatives like R-APDRP and NLRMP but this is just the start.  It is also estimated that private players in infrastructure, telecom and other utilities are spending around Rs 50croreannually on GIS products and services. The GPS market in India is set toincrease manifold, with companies looking to provide simple, low cost andreliable solutions. Globally, the GPS market is expected to exceed $30 billion in this financial year, as the market is being flooded by a number of affordable GPS components and receivers. GPS is being used for vehicle tracking systems, personal tracking and navigation. The main requirement is from logistic companies, fleet owners, taxi services, sales companies for tracking sales people, and personal tracking for personal use. There has been tremendous growth of such technology and demand for GIS News, GPS News, GIS Global News, GPS Global News, GIS government news, GPS international news,GPS govt news, GIS ICBs, GPS News news, GIS News online, GPS news notification, GIS news news, GPS public news and online news all over the word.

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