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Plastic and Rubber News

The plastic industry of India has a big market potentiality and is gradually prospering. Plastic industry covers a large area ranging from aerospace to electronics industry. The potentiality of plastic industry India propels other associated industries to grow side by side. One of such growing industry is petrochemical industry. Middle East or Far East Asian countries such as Singapore, Korea, and Thailand etc. are major raw material supplier of plastic industry. The department of petrochemicals of the Government of India has projected a level of 12 million tons by 2011/2012. India is the world's largest producers and third largest consumer of natural rubber and India is also one of the fastest growing economy globally. The production of rubber and products made of rubber is a large and diverse industry. Rubber industry is an important resource based industry sector in the world. It has witnessed a steady and strong growth over the years. Because of the wide application of rubber in both tires and non-tire applications, the present scenario as well as the future of the rubber industry is tied to the global economy. As plastic and rubber industry is flourishing by leaps and bound, there is huge demand for plastic news, rubber industry news, plastic bids, plastic news and contracts world wide.