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Over the years, the printing industry has grown in all parts of the globe. U.S. printing and graphic arts equipment is very competitive in world markets. Major competitors for the worlds markets for printing and graphic arts equipment are Germany, Japan and to a somewhat lesser degree, Italy. Chinese manufacturers are starting to make inroads in certain lower tech market segments. Printing Industry Trends has been very significant over the years. Publishing and printing industry in India has developed into a highly competitive field. The increasing use of Internet in the publishing world has brought a revolution in the Printing Industry. To keep pace with these emerging technologies, the Printing Industry has now concentrated on Digital Printing. Competitive environment of Printing and publishing industry provide sample growth opportunities by way of news and contracts such as Printing and Publishing News, Printing and Publishing Global News, International publishing news, Printing  news, Printing and publishing news and  bids worldwide.

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30-Nov-1999 .
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