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Postal and Courier Services News

Today the Indian Postal Service serves the public from 155,000 post offices.  India is believed to have the most widely distributed system in the world (China has 57,000, Russia41,000 and the United States 38,000 offices). This proliferation of offices results from India's long tradition of having many disparate postal systems, eventually unified in the Indian Union after Independence.With its far-flung reach and its presence in remote areas, the Indian postal service provides many services such as small savings banking and financial services. Now from past around two decades, the private courier services entered into the market and playing major role in providing the fast mailing services. They provide the mailing services for both domestic and international locations. Traditional telegraph services have been replaced by emails and fax systems. There are many business opportunities available in Postal and Telegraph services. These are in the form of Postal procurement notices, Telegraph news online, Postal govt news, postal bid invitation, postal news, Telegraph services news, Postal news notification, Postal and Telegraph services News, News from Postal and Telegraph through out the year.