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TI Ref. No:- 437461150
Selection of Biometric Service Providers for UIDAI Project

Organisation Details

Address Headquarters
Bangla Sahib Road, Behind Kali Mandir,
Gole Market, New Delhi – 110001
Attn. : Col. Shiv Kumar Gupta, ADG (Tech),, DELHI
Email : shiv.gupta@uidai.net.in
Country : India

Tender Details

Document Type Prequalification
Project Location Delhi, India
Tender Notice No. T-11014/94/2018-TechID:2018_DIT_377477_1
Description EXPRESSION OF INTEREST CUM PREQUALIFICATION invited for Selection of Biometric Service Providers for UIDAI Project

The objective of this EOI is to solicit proposals from the interested bidders for participation in a bid process for selection of Biometric Services Provider (BSP) to design, supply, install, configure, commission, maintain and support (a) multi-modal Automatic Biometric Identification Subsystem (ABIS) and (b) multi-modal Software Development Kit (SDK) for client enrolment station, verification server and manual adjudication functions of the UID application. The BSP will implement biometric solutions for UIDAI and operate and maintain them for an expected period of 7 years. The Eol intends to bring out the details with respect to scope of services that are deemed necessary to share with the interested bidders.
Based on the Eol response, firms will be evaluated and shortlisted. The detailed RFP will be issued only to the shortlisted bidders after signing of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Integrity Pact between UIDAI and the bidders.

a) Bidder refers to the following:
i. Sole Bidder (with or without subcontractor(s))
ii. Prime Bidder (with or without subcontractor(s)) in case of consortium
b) A bidding entity can have a maximum of 5 (five) members including prime bidder.
c) Composition of the Consortium or subcontractor(s) once submitted cannot be changed at RFP stage.
d) Response submitted as consortium or with subcontractor(s) should also submit letter of intent, duly signed by authorized signatories of the respective firms, to form a consortium or subcontractor arrangement along with bid response.
e) If Prime Bidder has a sub-contractor arrangement, the Prime Bidder should take the complete responsibility of the performance of subcontractor(s).
f) A firm can only be a part of one EOI response either as a single bidder or as a member of a consortium or as a sub-contractor.
g) The Bidder and all members of consortium or subcontractor(s) should have an office in India in the form of a registered office before the opening of the commercial bids at RFP stage. A copy of the certificate of incorporation in India shall be submitted to UIDAI as part of the Technical Proposal or submitted separately before the opening of the commercial bids. Failure to submit the required supporting documents before the stipulated time shall make the bid liable for rejection.
h) Bids will be summarily rejected if any or all of the above conditions are not met.l

Bid Validity(Days): 180

Location: Uidai hq

Document Download Start Date: 29-aug-2018 03:00 pm

Document Download End Date: 25-sep-2018 06:00 pm

Bid Submission Start Date: 20-sep-2018 10:00 am

Bid Submission End Date: 25-sep-2018 06:00 pm

Bid Opening Date: 27-sep-2018 03:00 pm

Pre Bid Meeting Date: 13-sep-2018 02:30 pm

Document Pu
Deadline 31 Oct 2018
Updates Corrigendum: Deadline has been changed from 25 Sep 2018 to 24 Oct 2018

Corrigendum: Deadline has been changed from 24 Oct 2018 to 31 Oct 2018


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