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One of the poorest countries in the world, landlocked Burkina Faso has a high population density, few natural resources, and a fragile soil. Agriculture comprises approximately 35% of total GDP. More than 90% of the country's working population is engaged in agriculture. Principal crops include rice, millet, maize and sorghum. Cotton is the most noteworthy. Livestock, once a major export, has declined. Industry remains dominated by unprofitable government-controlled corporations. Burkina's exploitable natural resources are limited, although deposits of manganese, zinc, limestone, marble, phosphate and gold have attracted the interest of international mining firms. Burkina Faso, supported by the World Bank and IMF, has begun to implement reforms, which have helped it to increase its real GDP growth. Maintenance of its macroeconomic progress depends on continued low inflation, reduction in the trade deficit, and reforms designed to encourage private investment.

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Burkina Faso 27-Oct-2016 Production Of A (01) Positive Drilling High Flow With Solar Panels And A (01) Water Tower For Drinking Water And Public Lighting In The Solar Kantchari Border Police Station In Burkina Faso On Behalf Of The Project Border Management - Phase 3 And 4..
Togo, Burkina Faso 26-Oct-2016 Acquisition Of Equipment And Furniture For The Account Of Blood Transfusion Centres (stcs) In Sokodé And Dapaong.
Burkina Faso 26-Oct-2016 Development Works, Asphalting And Clean The Succession Of Streets.
Burkina Faso 21-Oct-2016 Recruitment Of An Audit Firm For The Exercises Of 2016, 2017 And 2018.
Burkina Faso 21-Oct-2016 Development Projects, Asphalting And Sanitation Succession Of Streets (30,215, 29,253 And 28,201) And Sankara Inoussa Street In Ouagadougou.
Burkina Faso 14-Oct-2016 Integrated Studies Of Valuation Of The Subsurface Dam Of Nare And Rehabilitation Related Infrastructure.
Burkina Faso 14-Oct-2016 Provision Of Integrated Studies Project Of Enhancement Of Subsurface Dam Nare And Rehabilitation Of Related Infrastructure.
Burkina Faso 12-Oct-2016 Mission Of Strategic Environmental And Social Assessment (sesa) Of The National Redd + Strategy In Burkina Faso.
Burkina Faso 12-Oct-2016 Consulting Services For The Completion Of A Financial Audit Of The Onea And Its Projects For The Period 2016-2018.
Burkina Faso 12-Oct-2016 Programme To Support Food Security And Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture And Resilience In Burkina Faso.
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