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China's economy is huge and expanding rapidly. Chinese Economy is considered as the economic wonder of the world. In terms of nominal GDP it is the third largest country of the world. China has over the past two decades firmly adhered to the policy of reform and opening-up, which has not only promoted the sustained, swift and sound development of China's national economy, but also helped restructure its economic system. China is rich in minerals with abundance in coal and iron. It is the largest Coal producing country in the whole world. On a global scale China is involved with many foreign enterprises and has numerous trade relations across the globe. China is the third largest importer and second largest exporter in the world.

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Location Date Summary Deadline
China 27-May-2015 Liangzhou District 2015 rural drinking water safety project home project grant funds pipes, fittings procurement tenders (secondary).
China 27-May-2015 Purchase copper chain washing machine project.
China 27-May-2015 Minqin County in 2015 rural drinking water safety project to install water quality testing equipment purchase.
China 27-May-2015 1,553,184 Information technology - some premises in the Capital Normal University wireless network construction project.
China 27-May-2015 Supply of Tonggu County Government Procurement Center on Yichun, Jiangxi Tonggu CDPF Rehabilitation of children with Intellectual Disabilities Procurement Assistance Program.
China 27-May-2015 Procurement of Province Tonggu City Authority Law Enforcement Accessory Equipment.
China 27-May-2015 Beijing Aerospace Control Institute instrument electronic measuring system.
China 27-May-2015 Gansu tobacco industry limited liability company s new technology center, production command center and staff living guarantee implementation of the project safety evaluation.
China 27-May-2015 Jiuquan City, the county rural drinking water safety Water quality testing center equipment procurement.
China 27-May-2015 Zhenyuan County in 2015 eight northern towns of rural drinking water safety project dispersing water supply engineering equipment procurement and installation.
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