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Egypt economy mainly depends on agriculture, tourism and petroleum exports and media. Egypt's second biggest income source is by the traffic that goes through the Suez Canal. Egypt is also dependent upon foreign aid, and remittances from citizens working abroad in oil-rich countries. Petroleum and natural gas are produced; the principal minerals are iron ore, phosphates, salt, manganese, limestone, gypsum, and gold. The principal exports are crude and refined petroleum, cotton, textiles, metal products, and chemicals. Leading imports include machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, wood products, fuels, and consumer goods. The chief trade partners are the United States, Italy, Germany, France, and Saudi Arabia. A series of economic and fiscal reforms undertaken in the 1990s, with support from the International Monetary Fund, appear to be having a positive effect on the country's overall economy.

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Egypt 08-Mar-2015 Construction of South Helwan Supercritical Power Plant 3x650 MW.
Egypt 02-Sep-2016 Benefits Of Irrigation By Draining Excess Irrigation Water From Agricultural Land In Order To Reduce Water Logging.
Egypt 06-Oct-2016 Actuarial Modelling Study For Implementation Of The National Social Health Insurance System To Provide The Recipient, Through.
Egypt 14-Oct-2016 Construction And Rehabilitation Of Subsurface And Surface Drainage..
Egypt 14-Oct-2016 Provision Of National Drainage Program.
Egypt 14-Oct-2016 Technical Studies To Strengthen The Egyptian Public Authority For Drainage Projects (epadp) Capacity For Improvement Of Drainage Water Quality.
Egypt 12-Jan-2017 Request Of Best Offers And Proposals For The Leasing And Exploitation Of 3 Fish Farms Of 57 Feddan, 94 Feddan And 98 Feddan For 5 Consecutive Years In Damietta, Kafr El Sheikh And Beheria Covering 57 Feddan And 94 Feddan And 98 Feddan For Five Years.
Egypt 14-Jan-2017 Leasing And Exploitation Of A Fish Farm In Beheria Over 98 Feddans For Five Consecutive Years.
Egypt 30-Jan-2017 Supply Of 1,500 Tons Aluminum Sulphate In Hard Form, Also Supply And Commissioning Of Two Software To Organize Customers Queuing.
Egypt 03-Feb-2017 Request Of Offers From Agents To Supply 4,000 Tons Chinese Bauxite In Bilk Of 3.27 Gms/ Cm3 Minimum Bulk Density. In One Shipment..
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