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India 27-May-2018 Supply Of Rubber Seals & o Ring For Spillway And Under Sluice Gate Of Mahanadi Barrage Project And Spillway And Under Sluice Gate Of Birupa Barrage Project (left Hr Gate).
India 27-May-2018 Hdpe Pipe 160mm Od, Pn6, Pe80 Grade, In Standard Length Of 6 Meters, Fitted With Long Neck Pipe End And Ms Flange Table D With 4 Holes At Both Ends..
India 27-May-2018 Supply Of Plastic Crates For Carrying Gresn Leaf To Our Group Gardens.
India 27-May-2018 Dismantling, Erection, Rectification/retrofitting Works, Testing And Commissioning Of 7 Nos Esp Fields Viz, A1,b1, B2, C1,c2,c3,d1 And Monor Works In Remaining Fields Of Esp Of Unit-10.
Estimated Cost: 5564020
India 27-May-2018 Supply Of Ss Spacers For Rollers Of Sluice Gates At Chamera-1 Power Station..
Estimated Cost: 979400
India 27-May-2018 Procurement Of High Dielectric Red Insulating Varnish And Moisture Suppressant For Electric Panels In Connecxtion With M/o E.i.and Fans In Jpnatc At Aiims New Delhi..
Estimated Cost: 60810
India 27-May-2018 Supply Of Various Type Of Industrial Cleaning Equipments To Our Group Gardens.
India 27-May-2018 Printing Items 1) 0706158 Description: White Window Envelope As Per Specifications Given Below With Printing As Per Specimen. Envelope Details: Size : 11" X 4.3/4". Opening : Side Open. Window : Yes(with Polyester Pane) Window Size : 5" X 2" Window From B.
India 27-May-2018 Biennial Rate Contract For Fitment Of Chequered Plating Work For Fpvs Yard 2113-17..
India 27-May-2018 Reiocation Of Drilled T/well Of 125mm/115m Dia 60mtr Av Deep Drilled T/w With Im -iis 15500 (part-2)2004 H/p And 32 Mm Dia Medium Class Riser Pipe By D.t.h (fds/kpo/copco )rig Machine With 125 Mm Dis Blue Upve Casing Pipe And Construction Of Platform And.
Estimated Cost: 2804819
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