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Mauritania's economy is sharply divided between a traditional agricultural sector and a modern mining industry that was developed in the 1960s. Mauritania has extensive deposits of iron ore, which account for nearly 40% of total exports. Natural resources of Mauritania include petroleum, gold, fish, salt, iron ore, phosphates, gypsum and gum Arabic. The chief exports, in addition to iron ore, are fish and fish products, gold, and cattle. Mauritania's leading imports are machinery and equipment, petroleum products, capital and consumer goods, and food. The principal trade partners are France, Belgium, Japan, and Spain. You can also find below information on Mauritania Agriculture Tenders Mauritania Environment Tenders.

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Mauritania 27-May-2017 Supply Of Equipment With A View To The Extension Of The It Platform Of The General Directorate Of Taxes (dgi)..
Mauritania 27-May-2017 Realization Of Two (2) Positive Depolishing Drills (with 3 Maximum Polls In Each Site)and The Construction Of The Two (2) Solar Aep Networks.
Mauritania 25-May-2017 Acquisition And Installation, In Two (2) Batches, Of Computer And Office Equipment.
Mauritania 24-May-2017 Procurement Of The Consultancy Services For The Preparation Of The Project.
Mauritania 24-May-2017 Consultant (firm) For The Establishment Of A Geo-scientific Information Portal And The Data Catalog And Start-up And Improvement Of The Operator Monitoring Application Mining.
Mauritania 18-May-2017 Consultancy services for Mauritania Continental Wetlands Adaptation And Resilience To Climate Change.
Mauritania 18-May-2017 Provision Of Implementation Of An Analysis And State Of Implementation Of Public Policies And Regional And Lnternational Commitments In Nutrition Health..
Mauritania 18-May-2017 Selection Of A Building And Public Works Company For The Construction Of Two Latrine Blocks.
Mauritania 18-May-2017 Preventing The Degradation Of The Food And Nutrition Situation Of Very Poor Households With Pregnant And Lactating Women And / Or Children Under 5 Years During The 2016 Lean Season, By Facilitating Their Access To Food And Protecting Their Means Of Existe.
Mauritania 18-May-2017 Recruitment Of A Consultant (firm) To Carry Out The Baseline Survey Of The Impact Assessment Of The Tekavoul Program.
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