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The Economy of the Middle East is very diverse. Composed of the nations  such as Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Syria, Palestinian, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. The individual economies range from hydrocarbon exporting rentier economies to government led economies to free market economies. Middle East nations are mostly known for their oil reserves. Collectively the region is best known for producing and exporting oil. Some Middle East nations (like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE) have economies that are highly dependent on export of oil and oil-related commodities. Whereas nations like Egypt possess a diverse economic base. Main industries here include oil, tourism, banking, agriculture, defense equipments, surgical instruments, dairy, leather products to name a few. 

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Middle-east 29-Mar-2015 Disc Antibiotic Trimethoprim 1.2mcg Sulfamethoxazole 23.75mcg Cartridge (50test) Reagent Oxidase Dropper "Hazardous Material - Material Safety Data Sheet Is Required On Delivery Of Product In Soft Cop.
Middle-east 29-Mar-2015 Disc Antibiotic Moxifloxacin 5mcg Cartridge (50 Test)Disc Antibiotic Ampicillin 10mcg Cartridge (50test), Disc Antibiotic Oxacillin 1mcg Cartridge (50test) Disc Differentiation Xv Factor For Different.
Middle-east 29-Mar-2015 Reagent Indole Dropper Tube For Detecting Bacterial Production **Material Safety Data Sheet Required In Soft Copy, Disc Antibiotic Erythromycin 15mcg Cartridge (50test), Disc Differentiation Onpg Cart.
Middle-east 29-Mar-2015 Disc Antibiotic Tetracyline 30mcg Cartridge (50test), Disc Antibiotic Ceftazidime/Clavulanic Acid 30/10mcg Cartridge (50 test), Disc Antibiotic Ofloxacin 5mcg Cartridge (50 Test), Disc Antibiotic Cefu.
Middle-east 29-Mar-2015 Provide Transportation Services, Day and Shift Workers By Bus and Minibus..
Middle-east 29-Mar-2015 Construction of School Building Housing 12 Classrooms, October 7 Sahand New Town, Construction of School Class 6 Saghaei Kharvana, Provision of District Heating Facilities In Schools Shabestar 2, Prov.
Middle-east 29-Mar-2015 Provision of Coastal Parks Maintenance Operations State, Ghadir, Sports, Provincial and Disability within the Service Area..
Middle-east 29-Mar-2015 Purchase of Cable Khvdng·hdar..
Middle-east 29-Mar-2015 Purchase of Cable khvdng·hdar..
Middle-east 29-Mar-2015 Purchase of Digital Phase Meter..
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