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Mozambique is one of Africas success stories and is making economic progress, although the country is still dependant on foreign assistance. Mozambique has an agriculturally based economy. Mozambique has the natural resources to sustain the development of the agriculture, forestry, fishing, energy and tourism industries. Mozambique's industrial sector is devoted largely to the processing of raw materials. In addition, chemical fertilizer, refined petroleum, construction materials (particularly cement), steel, aluminum, and textiles are produced. The country's major exports are agricultural products, coal and energy, aluminum, textiles, cement, glass, asbestos and tobacco. You can also find below information on Mozambique Economic and financial Governance Tenders, Mozambique Human Capital development Tenders, Mozambique Health Tenders, Mozambique Gender Tenders, Mozambique Transport Tenders and Mozambique Water And Sanitation Tenders.

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