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Spain 20-Jan-2019 Reception Service For The Building And Facilities Of The Center Of Barcelona Of The National Institute Of Physical Education Of Catalonia (inefc).
Estimated Cost: 171230
Spain 20-Jan-2019 Public Concession For Cession Of The Use Of The House Of The Countess Of Ulea And Its Exploitation According To The Destination And Uses Allowed By The Pgmo, Concession File 2018/01..
Estimated Cost: 495864
Spain 20-Jan-2019 Supply Of 18,000 Kg Truck, Crane, Multi-tilt Equipment And 3 Containers.
Estimated Cost: 115702
Spain 20-Jan-2019 Organization Services And Development Of Activities And Competitions, As Well As Auxiliary Services Of The School Games Program..
Estimated Cost: 174000
Spain 20-Jan-2019 Alienation By The Municipality Of Calzada De Calatrava, Through Competition And Various Criteria For The Awarding Of Free Industrial Parcels, Well-qualified As Patrimonial And As A Component Of The Public Land Patrimony, Located In The "imedio" Industrial.
Estimated Cost: 260276
Spain 20-Jan-2019 The Project Is Due To The Need To Comply With The Actions Related To The Report Of Ite With Unfavorable Result In Sections Of Exterior And Interior Facades, Medians And Other Elements, Roofs And Sanit.
Estimated Cost: 121082
Spain 20-Jan-2019 Supply Of Materials Derived From The Works Of The Aepsa Income Guarantee Program - Cabeza La Vaca.
Estimated Cost: 32116
Spain 20-Jan-2019 The Object Of This Contract Is The Execution Of The Works Indicated In The Attached Ppt.
Estimated Cost: 718365
Spain 20-Jan-2019 Social Services Contract For The Provision Of 2 Assisted Attic Places, For Young People Between 18 And 21 Years Of Age Excluded From The General Direction, Due To Childhood And Adolescence (dagia).
Estimated Cost: 151585
Spain 20-Jan-2019 The Lesbular Of The Prbb Has Since Its Origin A Zone Dedicated To Transgenesis, Which Has Been Reducing Its Use Due To The Evolution Of The Experimentation With Animals. As A Result Of This Fact, It Is Necessary To Carry Out A Reform Of The Area In Order.
Estimated Cost: 215282
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