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Bridges, including flyovers, railway bridges, elevated metro structures and sea links, are a major part of the Indian governments far reaching infrastructure plans. Bridges are an integral part of urban development. Not only do they help to reduce congestion in transportation, but also form linkage that enhance the competitiveness of key centers of growth in the country. The 11th five year plan has brought in a special focus on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) as a way of developing the national highway road network. Sustainability, safety and cost-effectiveness combined with structural superiority, maintenance and rehabilitation are some of the focus areas when building bridges with a longer life span. Iconic bridges, balancing both aesthetics and functionality, are planned for the Indian metro cities. A large number of Bridges Construction public news notices, Bridges Construction procurement notices, Bridges construction bid invitation, Bridges Construction News, Global Bridge Construction News, Bridges Construction government news, international news, Bridges Construction ICBs, Bridges Construction News news, Bridges Construction News online and Bridges Construction news notification afloat around the world.

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