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The prospects for real estate industry in India looks buoyant. Real estate sector in India is witnessing tremendous boom. Real estate industry in India is presently worth $12 billion and is growing at the rate of 30 per cent per annum. The boom in retail industry has also spurred the growth in real estate sector. India at the moment is witnessing a spurt in extremely large retail spaces The Indian real estate sector plays a significant role in the country's economy. The real estate sector is second only to agriculture in terms of employment generation and contributes heavily towards the gross domestic product(GDP). Moreover, 2010 is expected to be a positive year for the real estate sector. It is expected that the property sector in India would improve from the early 2010 and would gather US$ 12.11 billion in terms of real estate investment in the next five years. Foreign direct investment (FDI)in the real estate sector in India for 2008-09 stood at US$ 12.62 billion approximately this is as per the figure from the Department of Policy and Promotion (DIPP).The potential of the Indian real estate market is huge as there is substantial demand for real estate business projects. There is great demand for property news, global real estate news, international real estate news notices, real estate public news and bid invitation world wide.

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