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TI Ref. No:- 440090022
Contract For The Rendering Services Of Information Support Of The Activities Of The Customer In Finland

Organisation Details

Address 11, rue de Teheran, 75008
Paris,  Tel : +33-1-45614745
Email : ketan.p@tendersinfo.com
Country : France

Tender Details

Document Type Tender Notice
Bidding Type Not Specified
Project Location Finland
Tender Notice No. 181127/5534/090
Description Tenders are invited for Contract for the rendering services of information support of the activities of the Customer in Finland

The initial (maximum) contract price: 138 012,00 EUR including VAT

Time frames for provision services: 12 calendar months from the date of the
contract’s conclusion

Place, date and time of the deadline for submission of procurement bids: December 7, 2018

Deadline 07 Dec 2018

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