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Upgrade Of Pre-conditioned-air (pca) Supply System For Parked Aircraft

Organisation Details

Address Administration Building (17)/ Procurement Department
190 19 Spata
Greece, Spata
 Tel : +30- 210 35 37 159
Email : Procurement@aia.gr
Country : Greece

Tender Details

Document Type Tender Notice
Bidding Type Not Specified
Project Location Greece
Description Tenders are invited for Upgrade of pre-conditioned-air (pca) supply system for parked aircraft

Athens International Airport S.A. (hereinafter called AIA ) in compliance
with the Airport Development Agreement as ratified by Law 2338/1995
(Government Gazette A’202/14.09.95), as amended and ratified by virtue of
Law 4594/2019 (Government Gazette 29/19.2.2019) is inviting companies
or consortia/ joint ventures to tender for the Project in title at Athens
International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos".

Athens International Airport (AIA) requires the upgrade of the existing PCA
system used for parked aircraft at the Main Terminal Building of AIA in order
to address the existing system’s ageing and keep up with the increased
aircrafts’ cooling demands
Duration of the contract: Implementation plus minimum two (2) years Defects Liability Period
Applicants will be asked to submit, with their proposals, a Participation Bond,
to be returned in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Tender
The awarded contractor will be required to submit a Performance Bond, upon
signing of the contract.
Details and prerequisites are provided in the Tender Documents.

Eligibility Criteria : Tenderers’ financial ability in relation to the anticipated contract cost.
Submission of Annual Financial Reports for each of the three (3) last fiscal
years, including audited financial statements (Balance Sheet, Income
Statement, Cash Flow Statement), the notes of the financial statements and
the auditor’s report;
Bank reference in the form of letter issued by the Tenderer’s bank.

Project Proven Experience Proven experience, evidenced by a client’s written confirmation (attestation),
in at least 1 project of WCC > 2MW executed and satisfactorily completed
during the past 10 years.
Plant Efficiency Plant Efficiency:
Plant efficiency at full load* calculated with the following equation,
according to the technical data provided by the tenderers.
* Full Load Conditions:
Flow: 100m³/h, Supply Temperature: -7°C, Return Temperature: +15°C

Technical Award Criteria
B1. Primary Chiller Group efficiency
Primary Chiller efficiency=0.4XEER Eurovent** + 0.6XEER full

Deadline 01 Aug 2019

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