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Property Damage And Business Interruption (all Risks Excluding Terrorism) Insurance Services

Organisation Details

Address Administration Building (17)/ Procurement Department
190 19 Spata
Greece, Spata
 Tel : +30-+30 210 35 37 159
Email : Procurement@aia.gr
Country : Greece

Tender Details

Document Type Prequalification
Bidding Type Not Specified
Project Location Greece
Description Prequalification are invited for Property Damage and Business Interruption (All Risks excluding Terrorism) Insurance Services

Athens International Airport S.A. (hereinafter called AIA ) in compliance
with the Airport Development Agreement (ADA) as ratified by Law
2338/1995 (Government Gazette A’202/14.09.95), and as amended and
ratified by virtue of Law 4594/2019 (Government Gazette
29/19.2.2019), is initiating a tender by inviting Expressions of Interest
from suitably qualified and experienced organizations, in order to award a
Leading Insurer and/ or Following Insurers that will undertake the
Property Damage and Business Interruption (All Risks excluding
Terrorism) Insurance Services. Underwriting information and the required
draft insurance policies/ scope of cover will be dispatched with the tender
documents to the applicants that will be short-listed for the second phase
of the tender. Short-listed applicants interested in becoming Leading
Insurer will have to submit in the second phase of the tender their
quotations supplemented by the proposed deviations (if any) to the
required policies wording. AIA will select the best proposal based on the
established criteria and negotiate, if necessary, to finalize the terms. That
finalized quotation may then (at AIA’s discretion) be presented to other
short-listed applicants to participate as Following Insurers , so that full
insurance coverage is attained.
Further details will be provided in the tender documents to be provided to
the short-listed applicants

Extendable or renewable duration of the contract for an additional period
of up to twelve (12) months at terms and conditions to be agreed
between AIA and the awarded Insurer(s) and Co-Insurer(s). Said option
may be exercised at least six (6) months prior to the expiry of the
2.6 Duration of the contract: Starting: 27/03/2020 - Completion: 27/03/2021

Eligibility Criteria : Documents required under the ‘Conditions for Participation’ section
should be submitted by all applicants (in case of a consortium by each
individual member).
The Expression of Interest statement (cover letter signed by the
representative(s) of each organization) and all requested documents
must be submitted in three (3) copies, one (1) hard copy clearly marked
and initialed as Original and two (2) soft copies (CD) in a sealed
envelope, carrying the indication Expression of Interest for Property
Damage and Business Interruption (All Risks excluding Terrorism)
Insurance Services , to be sent to: Athens International Airport S.A.,
Administration Building (17), Procurement Department, for the attention
of Mr. S. Lountzis, GR-Spata 190 19.
AIA’s policy is to introduce competition in the provision of insurance
cover through the award to multiple Co-Insurers.
AIA reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the required
insurance as well as to decide on the numbe

Deadline 25 Oct 2019

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