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TI Ref. No:- 450463639

New Corporate Web Site And Content Management System

Organisation Details

Address Administration Building (17)/ Procurement Department
190 19 Spata, Greece, Spata
 Tel : +30- 210 35 37 159
 Fax : +30- 210 35 37 159
Email : Procurement@aia.gr
Country : Greece

Tender Details

Document Type Tender Notice
Bidding Type Not Specified
Project Location Greece
Description Tenders are invited for New corporate web site and content management system

AIA requires to engage a Contractor to deliver a new Corporate Web Site
and a new Content Management System (CMS) with E-commerce features
and capabilities. AIA wishes to continuously meet the latest digital practices
and a useful, easy, friendly yet advanced and expandable new Corporate
Web Site, a new CMS with e-commerce features and capabilities, whilst
implementing the proper Security Standards and Defence mechanisms, is
considered a must have. The CMS will constitute the core content platform
of all digital assets of AIA and it must be fully GDPR compliant and allow
easy integrations with third party systems. AIA through its new corporate
website aims not only to highlight travelling information, nor just to simplify
traveling process but to constitute part of the destination experience and
promote Athens as the Gate of Greece.Tenderers shall provide a solemn declaration that the provisions identified as
go/ no-go in the scope of the project will be fully met; specifically, Technical
(e.g. cloud hosting, multivendor web browser support, etc.) and Security
provisions (e.g. Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS), Web Applications
Firewall Protection, etc.)

Eligibility Criteria : B1. Creative Proposals
Aesthetical appearance embracing AIA’s branding guidelines and
digital objectives as defined in the Scope of Works aiming to enhance
AIA’s digital profile. Tenderers will be required to present their
creative proposals as part of the evaluation.
B2. Compliance with AIA’s Functional Requirements
Degree of compliance with AIA’s functional requirements (standard
functionality, customizations, parametrization, expandability,
adaptation, easy to use, easy to learn).
B3. Compliance with AIA’s Technical Requirements
Degree of compliance with AIA’s technical requirements (Web
Content Management System (WCMS) requirements, architecture,
infrastructure requirements, security requirements).

Deadline 17 Feb 2020

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