Tender Construction Works Of Port Beloslav, Varna District, Bulgaria - 451757262

TI Ref. No:- 451757262

Construction Works Of Port Beloslav, Varna District, Bulgaria

Organisation Details

Organisation Name BORA INVEST LTD
Address Varna 9002,
Business center Dimyat, 9 floor,
111, Kniaz Boris I Str.,  Tel : +359-52 55 40 00
 Fax : +359-52 511 602
Email : borainvest@agriabg.com
Country : Bulgaria

Tender Details

Document Type Prequalification
Bidding Type Not Specified
Project Location Bulgaria
Tender Notice No. I-EOI-01/240220
Description Expression Of Interest for Construction Works Of Port Beloslav, Varna District, Bulgaria

Project Description :
Agria Group Holding JSC through its subsidiary Bora Invest Ltd. plans to construct a greenfield multipurpose Port for bulk (grain), general cargo, containers and liquid (non-hazardous) cargos on own land, on the territory of Beloslav. Varna region. The project plan is to develop the existing plot area of 20,261 m2 into a commercial cargo Port.
The project area is located on the southern coast of Beloslav Lake, south-east from the ferry port. The port water basin can be reached via navigation channel No 2.
The future port is planned for an annual capacity of 1 million tonnes per year grain, 160,000 tonnes per year vegetable oils, 110,000 tonnes per year sunflower meals and some small quantities of general cargos and containers.
The construction project is "Red Book", with available detailed design of all structures. There are two options for quay wall structures; one for reinforced concrete caisson and one for combi-wall. The contractor is invited to express interest to submit offer to construct one of the quay wall options or for both.

The scope of construction works for the quay wall includes the following main elements:
1. Quay wall construction: length 243m, water depth 13.5m, cope level +2.0m (Caisson or combi-wall structure including capping beam)
2. Small retaining wall, 62.6m long from sheet piles (AZ26-700 piles, 10m long)
3. Scour protection and revetment at quay ends
4. Backfill and compaction of the area behind the quay wall
5. Installation of bollards, fenders and safety ladders
6. Ship-loader rail foundation (rail beams and foundation pile in case of combi-wall)

Deadline 06 Mar 2020

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