Tender Supply And Installation Of The Merchant And Terminal Management System - 455266859

TI Ref. No:- 455266859

Supply And Installation Of The Merchant And Terminal Management System

Organisation Details

Organisation Name NMB BANK PLC
Address Ohio/A.H. Mwinyi Road
Ground Floor
P.O. BOX 9213
Dar es Salaam
Tanzania, East Africa,  Tel : +255-222322265
 Fax : +255- 22 2321361
Email : tendersubmission@nmbbank.co.tz
Country : Tanzania, united republic of

Tender Details

Document Type Prequalification
Bidding Type Not Specified
Project Location Tanzania
Description Pre-qualification are invited for Supply and installation of the merchant and terminal management system

The information requested is for the Bank to put in place the Terminal and Merchant Management System to
perform but not limited to the following functionalities: -
1. Capability to perform Terminal Management, Merchant Management or both functionalities
2. Capability to process merchant payments from various terminal types, with respective fees structures in a
consolidated manner.
3. Capability of driving Daily transaction Authorization report and exceptional to be supported by the system
for all major card schemes
4. Capability of Merchants and Terminal reports, to be generated at specific time and upon request,
including filtering with details such as Merchant Name, Merchant ID, Terminal ID, MCC, Card
Number, Response Code, Date of Transaction, Amount, Currency etc. on real time basis or in the
agreed frequency
5. Capability of merchant transaction archiving and retrieval chargeback reports based on inputs from
POS Acquiring Chargeback, Presentment Reports and Retrieval Requests Real
6. System should enable user to perform presentment
7. Real Time Merchant Fraud Management, should be rules based and able to send alerts
8. Detailed User Audit Trail Reports
9. Standard User Management with dual access for sensitive access (maker-checker)
10. System should be PCI DSS & PIN compliant

Deadline 24 Aug 2020

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