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Covid 19 Medicine Phase 1 Trial

Organisation Details

Organisation Name LIFEVIROTREAT
Address vila no. 110, prestige park,
kompally medchal, Hyderabad

 Pin code : 500100
 Tel : +91-9768465650
Email : lifeviro@procuretech.in
Country : India

Tender Details

Document Type Prequalification
Bidding Type International Competitive Bidding
Project Location Telangana, India
Description Call for Expression of Interest for Covid 19 Medicine Phase 1 Trial

LiveViroTreat, an anti Covid-19 aerosol-based medicine, invented in India, is a simple yet effective solution to Covid-19. This medicine, nebulized into the respiratory system, directly attacks ALL strains of Covid-19 and kills the Covid-19 virus in the respiratory system. So, LifeViroTreat works against all strains of Corona Virus.

Invention: LifeVirotreat is invented by India’s top drug researchers, Dr. Keshav Deo (350+ drug innovation patents, 35+ years of drug research at Lupin, Alembic, SunPharma,Wockhardt and Cempra) and Dr. Dinesh Panchasara (20+ years in drug innovation).
Non-Toxic and production ready: LiveViroTreat medicine is ready for production. LifeViroTreat’s acute toxicity and 28 days sub-acute toxicity tests were successfully completed at prestigious NIPER, Hyderabad. To stress test the safety of the product, the dose on rats/ rabbits was increased to 10 times of that recommended for humans. NOT even a single rat/rabbit died even with such high dosage, clearly showing negligible to zero toxicity in LifeViroTreat. The report will be shared with parties who are interested in responding to EOI.

The advantages of this approach are:

1. LifeViroTreat will cure a patient regardless of the strain of the Covid-19, as it attaches to the RNA of the virus itself and stops it replication. Thus, it brings new hope against the mutated virus strains that are coming out every day.
2. Those who either did not get vaccine or get Covid-19 even after the vaccination can be treated and cured. This will speed up recovery from pandemic and start the economy much faster.
3. Treatment can be administered at home. Just as paracetamol is taken for fever at home, similarly, LifeViroTreat can be used at home without stressing para medical support.
4. LifeViroTreat can be used as prophylactic thus reducing spread of Covid-19

Objective / Scope of Work:
The objective of this EOI is to identify organisations with capability and interest in acting as sponsors or CROs for clinical trials for COVID-19 medicine phase 1 trial.
- To evaluate the safety (toxicity) of Lifevirotreat nebulizer based medicine and its maximum tolerated dose (MTD) on humans to be used in subsequent stages and to observe preliminary signs of drug efficacy against covid 19.
- To test the medicine in healthy volunteers or patients with Covid Phase on smaller number of patients typically 12-20 subjects for Phase 1 and subsequent Phase 2 trials
- To collect raw data and potentially prepare a report from the time of enrolling the participants to the completion of Phase 1 and Phase 2 trials for the period of study.

The application may be addressed to LifeViroTreat and sent via e-mail at lifeviro@procuretech.in by 20th Feb, 2021 by 1800 hrs IST.
Deadline 20 Feb 2021

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