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Building Capacities For Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Practices (camp) In Peanut Farming And Fpc Management

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New Delhi 110057,  Tel : +91-11 49 49 53 53, Ext: 4222
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Tender Details

Document Type Tender Notice
Project Name Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Practices (CAMP) In Peanut Farming
Project Location Gujarat - India
Description Tender Notice for Building Capacities For Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Practices (CAMP) In Peanut Farming And Fpc Management.

Gujarat is one of the main peanut growing regions in India. The Junagadh district, that lies in southwest region of Gujarat is one of the largest contributors to the groundnut production in the state. GIZ is working on integrated management of water resources, enhancing water use efficiency through micro-irrigation practices, providing digital extension servicesthrough mobile based application, promoting additional income generating activities, capacity building activities and strengthening of Peanut value chain through Farmer Producer Company(FPC) etc.Based on the recommendations of climate vulnerability study, Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Practices (CAMP) has been introduced for maintaining strong and sustainable value chain for the Peanut crop. In order to sensitize farmers and FPC for CAMP and providing capacity building and extension services in project areas, a Technical Agency (TA) is required.

i.To build the capacities of the project lead farmers and members of FPCs for CAMPin peanut farming.
ii.Enhance technical know-how, new practices and innovative models and spread awareness about climate vulnerability& risks, consumptive use of water, efficient irrigation practices, drought and drainage management, post- harvest management and digital extension services in Peanut crop.

Tasks of the assignment:
1. Guiding project farmers for adoptionof CAMP throughtraining, capacity building,sharing knowledge products, field demonstrations anddigital extension services.
2. Conducting various capacity building and training programs and arranging exposure visits for Board of Directors (BoDs)and members of FPC for successful management and sustainability.
3. Facilitating GIZ/partners for conducting trainings, workshops, group meetings, data collectionetc and facilitating farmers to pursue public schemes to access funds / subsidy for building their own storage structures and procure modern farm equipment.

Tender timelines are:
Deadline to receive queries: 18th February 2021
Clarifications to the queries to be uploaded on web portals: 22nd February 2021
The deadline for submission of proposals: 28th February 2021

Deadline 28 Feb 2021


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