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Rapid Assessment Of Requirements For Setting Up Of Cetp

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new delhi 110057, Email : giz-indien@giz.de
Country : India

Tender Details

Document Type Tender Notice
Project Name SEIP II project
Project Location West Bengal, India
Description Tenders are invited for Rapid Assessment of Requirements for Setting up of CETP at Jalan Industrial Complex, Howrah, West Bengal

The deadline for submission of proposal : 30th March 2021

The objective of the SEIP Phase IIproject is, “The strategic and operational governance structures of the Indian Government to effectively combat water pollution from industrial wastewater are strengthened.” The SEIP II phase works on the following main outputs:•Output 1: Strengthening of the Legal Framework•Output 2: Strengthening of Organisational Procedures and Processes•Output 3: Strengthening of Incentive Mechanisms•Output 4: Guidelines/e-portals/reference documents•Output 5: Resource efficiency (RE) and Sustainable Consumption &Production (SCP)One of the activities taken up under SEIP II project in West Bengal is supporting West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) to implement corrective processes which could address discharging of wastewater generated from industrial parks/areas. There are few industrial parks/areas in West Bengal which the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has categorised as “Critically Polluted” and accordingly WBPCB has been directed to enforce necessary measures in those areas. The toxic effluents flowing through the drains of these industrial parks/areas meet the adjacent canals/rivers, thereby posing threat to the environment and health of people. To overcome the same, setting up of new CETPs or retrofitting of existing CETPs and operating and managing them properlyis one way forward for abating industrial wastewater pollution

The scope of services includes:•Assessments to be carried out for the Jalan Industrial Complex, Howrah District on the possibilities of setting up of a CETP so as to ensure pollution controland compliance with the environmentalrequirements as stipulated or as may be stipulated by WBPCB. •Undertake necessary field studies, collection of primary and secondary data, data review and analysis on wastewater generated, its treatment at source, quality of wastewaterafter treatment, compliance with standards (permitted discharge limits), availability of conveyance and disposal infrastructure etc.•Assess the possibilities of setting up a CETP including the land available, availability of treatment technologies, indicative costs of user charges, willingness to pay by the industries, indicative costs of establishment and operational costs, availability for disposal options for treated wastewater etc. •Detail out the requirements for setting up of CETP such as conveyance systems, monitoring systems at industries, monitoring (CEMS) systems at CETP, disposal infrastructure, place of disposal etc.
Deadline 30 Mar 2021


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