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Preparation Of A Study On Potential For Demand Side Management In The Field Of Renewable Energies

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Document Type Tender Notice
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Description Tender Notice For Preparation Of A Study On Potential For Demand Side Management In Industry

India and Germany are cooperating in the field of renewable energies. The IGEF SO dialogue platform promotes this between public and private sector companies in the field of renewable energies in the two countries.

The aim of the assignment is to evaluate the applicability of dynamic pricing tariffs by identifying potential industries which could adapt their production processes (as well as large commercial consumers) to the variable energy supply increasingly generated by renewable energy sources such as sun or wind. Such dynamic tariffs could help to develop a new dynamic equilibrium to balance supply and demand, with sufficient flexibility in demand (see Arnold and Janssen, 2018). To evaluate the potential of dynamic tariffs, the examples of global best practices of the implementation of dynamic tariffs as well as requirements for implementation have to be demonstrated. Furthermore, the current status of static tariffs with diverse price settings such as Time of Day (TOD) or Time of Use (TOU) respectively has to be analyzed, in order to identify industries which can adopt their energy demand to different fluctuating energy prices.

Tasks of the assignment:
The study shall explore the potential of demand shift in India. Therefore, the main energy intensive industries and large commercial consumers, which might be interested in economic benefits from demand shift (e.g. energy intensive industry, large cooling houses, malls, etc.), have to be identified. How high is technical ramping capacity; To which extent would it make sense for the consumer to ramp down or up on demand; For how long ; At which notice time in advance Which incentives would be required A mixed approach of desk research and interviews with stakeholders is to be chosen.

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Deadline 02 May 2021
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