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Tender Power Market Reforms To Enable Renewable Energy (re) Based Electric Vehicle (ev) Charging In India . - 465039430 Tender Power Market Reforms To Enable Renewable Energy (re) Based Electric Vehicle (ev) Charging In India . - 465039430

TI Ref. No:- 465039430

Power Market Reforms To Enable Renewable Energy (re) Based Electric Vehicle (ev) Charging In India .

Organisation Details

Address giz office new delhi
country director
ulrike reviere, Email : giz-indien@giz.de
Country : India

Tender Details

Document Type Tender Notice
Project Name NDC Transport Initiative for Asia (NDC-TIA)
Project Location - India
Tender Notice No. 83388627
Description Tender for Power market Reforms to enable Renewable Energy (RE) based Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging in India .

As part of the International Climate Initiative (IKI), the Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety (BMU) in Germany has supported a project called the NDC Transport Initiative for Asia (NDC-TIA), which is a joint consortium of seven organizations and engages in three partner countries from emerging economies i.e. China, India and, Vietnam. The central aim of the project is to promote a comprehensive approach to decarbonizing transport, i.e. a coherent strategy of effective policies that are coordinated among various sector ministries, civil society and, the private sector. In each of the partner countries, the consortium supports countries in facilitating and informing the stakeholder processes and in developing selected climate actions. This enables partners to make a sectoral contribution towards achieving their NDCs and increase ambition in transport sections of long-term strategies and 2025 NDCs. As a regional initiative, the project also disseminates knowledge in Asia. The consortium connects with regional stakeholders and other Asian countries in order to encourage taking a comprehensive approach to decarbonizing transport. At a global level, the project would disseminate knowledge and share experiences in the UNFCCC process.

Mainstreaming of electric vehicles (EV) will increase the electricity demand in the country. Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emission, and hence this transition from fossil fuel to electricity will be cleaner if the electricity is generated (majority or all) using renewable energy (RE) technology. Procurement of electricity from renewable energy power plants can happen in two ways – on-site (grid/off-grid system) or through remote systems (grid-connected).
The main objective of this activity is to provide recommendations to facilitate policy and regulatory support in Indian power system, power market and trading to access the use of renewable energy for fuelling Electric vehicle in India. It also aims to quantify the benefit of energy security, electrical grid, and climate with use of electric vehicles by modelling the emissions and carbon footprint, and thereby measure the contribution of EVs to achieve India’s NDCs.

The following are the key objectives of this assignment to be pursued.
• Review international best practices for integrating RE for EV charging
• Undertake simulations-based modelling to estimate the reduction in vehicular and GHG emissions because of EV and RE penetration
• Understand the integration challenges to RE and EV charging
• Undertake feasibility of RE based EV charging
• Document recommendations for policy makers and implementation agencies to enable RE based EV charging in India

The outcome of this assignment will be one of the guiding documents for the policymakers, stakeholders, and industry professionals to underta
Deadline 24 Sep 2021


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