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Indonesia : KLHK Introduces Policies for the Implementation of Environmental Friendly Goods and Services Procurement
Publish Date : 12-Jul-2019

KLHK introduces policies and procedures for implementing environmentally friendly labels for the procurement of environmentally friendly goods and services. This policy is directed at efforts to improve environmental performance, efficient use of natural resources while increasing product competitiveness.

"The Implementation of Environmentally Friendly Goods and Services also means exemplary behavior change from the ranks of government, which will also be extended to reach communities that have been formed in the community," said LHK Minister of Industry and International Trade Expert Staff Laksmi Dhewanti, in the Procurement Workshop Workshop Environmentally Friendly Goods and Services in Jakarta, (11/7).

In 2018, Laksmi explained, the government budget reached Rp. 1,040 Trillion, so that the government is a massive consumer group that can make changes in environmentally friendly consumption patterns structurally and systematically. Therefore, the government must be an agent of change for consumers of the wider community.

"This program is expected to provide a domino effect on changes in consumption patterns and the green lifestyle, increasing innovation and investment that are environmentally friendly, as well as the growing capacity of the environmentally friendly product industry," he continued.

The implementation of the 2019 Green Goods and Services Procurement Policy will be carried out in stages at each Ministry / Institution / Regional Government in the preceding work unit and begins for 6 (six) pioneer products that have received eco-friendly labels. The six products are: photocopy paper that has fulfilled the Ecolabel Criteria SNI; file folders that comply with specific claims do not contain PVC and can be recycled; wood for furniture that has fulfilled the timber legality verification system (SVLK); 2 (two) medical waste processing technologies; and energy-saving air conditioning devices.

From the producer side, the implementation of the procurement of environmentally friendly goods and services provides incentives for suppliers of goods and services that have attempted environmental management. Incentives in the form of a good "image" of environmentally friendly products can increase competitiveness with products that are not environmentally friendly. This program can also stimulate the emergence of innovation and investment in producing environmentally friendly goods and services.

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