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Angola : Angola and China renew agreement on health sector

Publish Date : 11-Sep-2019

The renewal of the protocol, which takes place periodically every two years, was signed by the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Angolan Communities, Domingos Vieira Lopes, and the Chinese ambassador to Angola, Gong Tao.

The group of Chinese doctors will arrive in Angola in the coming days, in compliance with the 5th edition of the protocol, whose first signature took place in 2006.

The doctors, who will provide services at Luanda General Hospital until the year 2021, are specialists in general surgery, pediatrics, cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, clinical analysis, acupuncture and pharmacy.

The protocol stipulates that the international travel and salary charges for doctors will be the responsibility of the Chinese Government.

At the end of the meeting, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs considered that the ceremony marks the excellent level of relations between Angola and China.

Domingos Vieira Lopes emphasized the fact that the Asian country is always ready to assist Angola in the health sector, noting that the construction of Luanda General Hospital is the result of a donation from the Chinese Government.

In addition, Vieira Lopes added, since its construction, that hospital has benefited from drug aid, medical equipment and medical support.

The Chinese ambassador revealed that so far about 200,000 Angolan citizens have been treated by Chinese doctors. Gong Tao also said that in the last 10 years, five teams of Chinese doctors have passed through Angola, totaling 70 specialists.

Gong Tao stressed that the health cooperation agreement is not limited to the Luanda General Hospital. The diplomat assured that during his mission he will continue to do his best to contribute to a closer relationship between Angola and China.

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