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Jordan,United Kingdom : Jordan: inviting bids from consultants for actor mapping

Publish Date : 08-Nov-2019

The British Embassy in Amman is seeking a short-term consultant to lead an actor mapping exercise in support of its programming.

The aim of the work is to understand more fully the range and relationships of institutional stakeholders in Jordan. The purpose will be to enhance UK strategic planning for its next three-year cycle of programming in country.

The consultant will be expected to deliver:
workshop(s) to gather information from colleagues within the Embassy and/or outside about major actors in different areas
translation of this information through mapping software into visual representations of the key relationships and stakeholders
short report capturing the conclusions and sharing slides of the key graphics
access to the software/technology for the next 12 months

Consultant description
The individual or team will have:
demonstrable experience developing and delivering actor mapping for programming or policy influencing purposes for government, the private sector or non-profit organisations:
examples of past work along with references
knowledge of Jordan and networks in country is essential
strong preference for individual or team members fluent in spoken and written Arabic

The expected length of the consultancy is no more than 15 working days. The proposed time frame is late November or early December.

A fuller brief including areas of focus will be shared with the successful bidder.

How to apply
Interested candidates should submit:
a short CV (no more than 3 pages)
a short letter outlining their qualifications for the role, past experience and proposed methodology (no more than 1000 words)
their daily rate and total proposed cost including VAT if applicable

to by November 13th 2019. Please include Actor Mapping Role in the subject line.

Payment will be made after completion and acceptance of all deliverables or according to a schedule of payments negotiated as part of the contract. Payment terms are 30 days after receipt of invoice.

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