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Czech Republic : The MIT awarded the best business projects for 2019 supported by European subsidies

Publish Date : 02-Dec-2019

The Ministry of Industry and Trade together with the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Kaiseirstein Palace announced the most successful projects in 2019. Research and testing institute Pilsen , AIR TEAM , VYRTYCH and VYRTYCH - Technology Park and Incubator , MSR Engines , BOHEMIA HEALING MARIENBAD WATERS , Charles Bakery , NEW SCHOOL , Galvanotechna , ITES , IROMEZ , , Kovin , AZUB bike , KUNST . These are the winners of this year's Business Project of 2019.

This year, the awards were presented to twelve companies from eight different OP EIC support programs: Potential, Applications, Innovation, Real Estate, Energy Saving, Renewable Energy Sources, Saving in SZT and ICT and Shared Services. This year, for the first time, a project with an extraordinarily socially beneficial impact was also awarded, and the Kovin cooperative, which employs 80% of people with disabilities, was successful in this category. KUNST won another award in the circular economy for its contribution to water recycling in the food industry. The circular economy will be one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the future programming period, as stated by Marian Piecha , Deputy for the EU Funds Management Section during the gala evening :The circular economy is a big topic for me. This is the topic we want to open up a new programming period and expand our programs.

In addition to the awards ceremony, a thank-you note was also given for the three best suggestions that were received within the OP PIK listens to entrepreneurs poll. Thanks were given to Richard Andrle from FIC Consult, Albeta Jareov from Mida Consulting and Jakub Tomatk from the Czechoslovak Commercial Bank. Martin ech from the Ministry for Regional Development was awarded for a progressive approach in the state administration, which significantly contributed to the increase of limits for tenders.

I congratulate all the winners. It was nice to meet representatives of Czech companies, to whom the subsidies helped realize their business plans. The awarded projects are exemplary examples of the use of European subsidies for the development of innovative and enterprising Czech companies, many of which are leaders in their field, said Luk Vym tal, CEO of the Agency for Entrepreneurship and Innovation , which is an intermediate body of OP EIC. support and helps applicants with administration of grant projects.

The OP EIC aims to promote a competitive and sustainable economy based on knowledge and innovation. Within the 2014-2020 programming period, a total of CZK 105 billion was allocated from the European Regional Development Fund. Support is targeted at SMEs, with specific activities suitable for large enterprises, business clusters, research organizations or innovative infrastructure actors. The results of the Business Project of 2019 were announced with the participation of representatives of the state administration, social and economic partners and, above all, important figures of the business environment. All awards are grateful.

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