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Spain : Adif awards for more than 3.5 M two contracts for the duplication of track in the Muriedas-Santander section

Publish Date : 15-Jan-2020

This is a contract for the supply and transport of track equipment and another for the supply and transport of lanes.
The duplication of the track will allow a significant increase in the capacity of railway traffic of passengers and goods in the network.

Adif has awarded two contracts for duplication works on the Muriedas-Santander section of the conventional rail network, on the Palencia-Santander line as it passes through Cantabria, for a total amount of 3,581,937.93 euros (VAT included ).

Specifically, the contract for the supply and transport of track equipment has been awarded, for an amount of 2,596,844.74 euros (VAT included), and the contract for the supply and transport of rail, for an amount of 985,093.19 euros ( VAT included).

The contract for the supply and transport of track equipment, awarded to the company Talleres Alegra, establishes that all the devices to be supplied will be interoperable, complying with the requirements of the different phases of construction, commissioning and operation of the duplication of the track.

The track devices allow the connection of two divergent lanes and the continuity of the respective tracks. In addition, they allow the advancement of faster trains to slower trains, or allow for alternative routes to any incident. With them, the use of the current infrastructure and its services can be made compatible with those derived from the duplicated line.

For its part, the contract for the supply and transport of lanes includes a total of 900 tons of 270-meter bar rail and 100 tons of 18-meter bar rail, which must be delivered at the point of the established work. The award of this contract has corresponded to the company Arcelormittal.

The duplication of the road between Santander and Muriedas will allow to significantly increase the capacity of rail traffic for passengers and goods. The duplication project includes all the works necessary for the implantation of a double electrified track, of conventional width, in the Muriedas-Santander section.

Among the planned actions is the suppression of the existing level crossings, the adaptation of the New Mountain and Valdecilla outlets, the modification of the grade of the line to comply with the established gauge, and the closure of the entire line.

This initial Guarnizo / Muriedas-Santander route is one of the two in which the global track duplication action has been divided into the Torrelavega-Santander section, next to the Renedo-Guarnizo section.

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