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Spain : Adif is putting out to tender the drafting of improvement projects for various infrastructure elements throughout the entire railway network

Publish Date : 14-Feb-2020

The projects will define the actions to be carried out on bridges, viaducts, tunnels and esplanades of the entire Railway Network of General Interest (RFIG) to guarantee their optimal status.

Adif has tendered, for an amount of 10,527,000 euros (VAT included), the service contract for the drafting of infrastructure improvement projects throughout the General Interest Railroad Network (RFIG), including Iberian width lines, standard and metric, which will include actions on bridges and viaducts, tunnels and esplanades.

The tender contract includes the drafting of the projects in which, after the relevant inspections, the actions to be executed will be defined to guarantee the optimum state of these infrastructure elements and ensure higher levels of reliability and availability of the facilities, thus increasing their durability and reducing the probability of incidents that may affect the operation of the service.

This contract, which has an execution period of 3 years, has been divided into 6 lots for the geographic areas corresponding to North and South. Lots 1 North and 2 South include the improvement of bridges and viaducts that will include renovation, treatment and reinforcement or replacement of structures and foundations that will ensure their bearing capacity.

The lots 3 North and 4 South include performances in tunnels, such as improvement of drainage and waterproofing, structural reinforcements, treatments of the vaults and side walls and the construction of screeds under the tracks, as well as actions of extension of gauge and modification of existing security and communications facilities inside the tunnel.

Finally, lots 5 North and 6 South include works on esplanades (clearings and embankments), such as reinforcement of slopes, protection with breakwaters, walls or other elements such as meshes or containment networks, the execution of screens, land treatments and works in drainage systems.

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