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Poland : Lower Silesian Railways plans to procure first Polish bi-mode trains

Publish Date : 21-Feb-2020

Polish operator Lower Silesian Railways (KD) is planning to procure six bi-mode electro-diesel trains the first in Poland as part of a broader fleet expansion.

According to KD, it would tender for 11 trains, including six three-car bi-mode trains with capacity to seat 320 passengers, and five five-car EMUs with capacity to seat 550 passengers. The initial order is expected to be worth around Zlotys 280m ($US 70.7m), with Lower Silesian Voivodship guaranteeing a loan for the fleet, while the European Union will also co-finance Zlotys 85.1m of the costs. The tender will further have an option for up to 10 additional bi-mode trains and 20 extra electric trains.

KD president, Mr Damian Stawikowski said, Using the option we will increase our fleet by 75%. This historic investment, which we estimate at over Zlotys 1bn, is the largest in the history of our region.

The first trains is expected to be delivered by mid-2022, with the fleet entering service at the start of 2023.

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