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Macedonia : Announced public call for construction of 100 MW photovoltaic power plant in Oslomej

Publish Date : 21-Feb-2020

JSC ESM announced a public call for construction of 100 MW photovoltaic power plants on the site of the depleted REK Oslomej coal mine through a public-private partnership, ie two 50 MW power plants. Under the terms of yesterday's announcement, power plants with an expected investment value of 80m euros will have to be built by a private partner, and ESM will provide location, access roads to power plants and energy balancing. All domestic and foreign companies have the right to participate in the call for bids, and the tender will be won by the bidder who will offer the highest percentage of electricity sold to ESM.

According to AD ESM General Manager Vasko Kovacevski, at today's press conference in the Government, the contract for public-private partnership will be 35 years, after which the private partner will have to transfer the ownership right to photovoltaic to ESM power plants and deliver them into actual possession in proper, operational and proprietary condition. The private energy balancing partner will pay ESM an annual amount of at least 10 percent of the energy sold at a price according to the HUPX regional stock exchange. Calculations show that our annual earnings as a company would range from 800,000 to one million euros, and only eight percent of these funds would be a cost of balancing, Kovacevski said.

He specifies that the new company will have to hire at least 100 employees of REK Oslomej, which, he said, resolves another problem besides the obligation to reclaim the mine's land. He announced that several more RES facilities such as Chebren, photovoltaics in Oslomej and Bitola, complementing the Bogadanci wind park and a new Miravci wind park are under preparation. Prime Minister Oliver Spasovski reminded that last year the country was declared a leader in the region's energy and added that they intend to remain in that position in the future.

The priority measures that will be undertaken in the energy sector will focus on RES. Our great goal is to make our country one of those European countries that have embraced all the challenges of energy transition and transformed from a predominantly fossil fuels source into a country that will have a significant amount of energy using sun, wind and water. said Spasovski. He assessed as the most significant contribution in that direction the announcement of the public announcement for construction of 100 MW photovoltaic power plants in Oslomej and recalled the already signed photovoltaic contracts.

Our country is a land of the Sun. Together, we will make solar energy one of the generators of economic growth, Spasovski said. The Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi pointed out that the building of energy capacities from RES, ie investing in green energy is one of the main goals of the country. Energy sector reform has been one of the priorities since the formation of the new government. The Energy Law was also adopted to facilitate investment in RES, Bekteshi said, adding that the main focus of the Energy Development Strategy by 2040 is to decarbonize the energy sector and promote RES in a way that ensures sustainable development. He reminded that in the country two and a half years ago there were photovoltaic power plants with installed capacity of only 20 MW, and with the announcement announced today, with the signed contracts for construction of 62 MW and the others in progress will reach the projected target of 200 MW.

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