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Czech Republic : The Railway Administration announces a tender for the contractor of the Modernization of Pardubice Railway Junction

Publish Date : 24-Feb-2020

The modernization of the railway infrastructure at Pardubice's main railway station will reduce noise and increase the speed of passing trains. Passengers will be serviced by repaired island platforms with wheelchair access, new orientation system, station radio, elevators and escalators.

This important construction project is the next step of the Railway Administration towards accessibility of Czech railways. Access to all platforms will be provided by underpasses, which will be equipped with escalators. The lifts in the underpass provide wheelchair access. The project also includes interconnection of the railway station and the southern part of the city of Pardubice, which will provide a new barrier-free footbridge, says Ji Svoboda, Director General of the Railway Administration.

A new island will be added to the reconstructed platforms, to which both existing underpasses will be extended. Escalators connect the second to fifth platforms with the underpass. Furthermore, the superstructure and substructure, signaling and communication equipment, traction lines, heavy-current technology and bridge structures will be reconstructed. The interconnection of parts of the city separated by the railway corridor will be ensured by a new footbridge, which will follow up on the planned investment projects of the city of Pardubice. The information and orientation system will also be modernized.

Work is expected to begin this August, with completion in October 2024. Expected investment costs will exceed CZK 4.4 billion. In the first phase, the construction will be financed from national sources, but EU co-financing is expected.

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