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Russian Federation : Sberbank-AST and Republic of Mordovia agree on cooperation

Publish Date : 24-Feb-2020

Sberbank ecosystems Sberbank-AST and the government of the Republic of Mordovia have signed a cooperation agreement to respond to government needs of the region via e-procurement on Sberbank-AST platform. Nikolay Andreev, CEO of Sberbank-AST, and Vladimir Sushkov, Head of the Government of the Republic of Mordovia, inked the document.

Sberbank-AST and the Republic of Mordovia are teaming up to reach transparent agreements, create common ground to increase efficiency and provide procurement openness. It will become possible thanks to the use of innovative electronic systems to organize procurement and introduction of integrated information systems.

The region is interested in support from the electronic trading platform (ETP) and its previous experience to enable its consumers to reach proficiency; cut time and other costs on finding suppliers and signing contracts; justify the initial value of contracts; save more public funds due to competing offers. The local suppliers, including small and medium-sized businesses, will also be able to use reliable ETP mechanisms.

Nikolay Andreev, CEO, Sberbank-AST,
This agreement proves one more time that consumers constantly develop their internal procurement systems and look for best practices. We are glad that the Republic of Mordovia will use the experience we accumulated as a leading ETP in Russia. At the same time, the region understands that an efficient system of state supplies affects the economy of the entire region and its investment attractiveness, sets high standards for economic relations between participants. We are ready to provide our services, trainings and constant support, as well as access to Sberbank ecosystem products to let the region achieve its development goals. We expect a fruitful cooperation and feedback from both consumers and suppliers.

The main areas of cooperation with the Republic of Mordovia will be organizing and carrying out e-procurement, creating regional standards to implement the agreements, sharing information, providing consultations and cooperating on issues related to procurement and e-signature use.

Sberbank-AST is open for cooperation and joint work offers, while being a partner of many Russian regions. The platform meets the requirements of consumers and suppliers, acts as an organizer and co-organizer of practical events, provides all possibilities for constant training and development of procurement professionals. As an e-trading leader, Sberbank-AST always updates its services to fully meet the current needs and provide its clients with all available options to improve state, municipal, corporate and small procurements on the SberB2B platform.

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