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An industry is the manufacturing of a goods or service within a category. Many developed countries like  UK, the U.S., and Canada and many developing/semi-developed countries China, India  depend significantly on industry. Industry Growth Rate in India GDP has been impressive in the last few years. The Growth Rate of the Industry in the India GDP has grown due to sustained manufacturing activity over the years. This has given a major boost to the Indian economy. The growth trend in India's industrial output is sustainable, indias industrial output rose at a faster-than-expected 11.7 percent in November from a year earlier, helped by stimulus measures that boosted domestic demand. Also the reasons for the increase of Industry Growth Rate in India GDP are that the industrial goods are being exported in huge quantities from the country. News from industry, industrial news, Industry news procurement  is in great demand in India.  

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Russian Federation 22-Sep-2020 Russian Federation : Painted 36-year-old Ford sells for 178 million rubles.
Russian Federation 22-Sep-2020 Russian Federation : Two Muscovites removed parts worth 8 million rubles from carsharing machines.
Russian Federation 22-Sep-2020 Russian Federation : The couple designed a unique garage for their Jaguars.
Germany, Luxembourg 22-Sep-2020 Germany,Luxembourg : Capstone Turbine Receives Orders For 10 C65 Microturbines As European Market Continues Strong Rebound.
Canada 22-Sep-2020 Canada : Capstone Turbine Secures Follow-on Microturbine Order For Plastics Manufacturing Facility In Canada.
Belgium 22-Sep-2020 Belgium : Solvay launches Peroxides for the Future program.
China 22-Sep-2020 China : ABB provides charging solutions for Dongfeng Hondas EV models.
China 22-Sep-2020 China : Dow and Luhai announce partnership to increase the circularity of plastics in China.
Germany 22-Sep-2020 Germany : Bosch Motorsport is exclusive hybrid powertrain supplier for the new LMDh category.
Ukraine 22-Sep-2020 Ukraine : Oleksiy Kucher visited one of the largest textile enterprises in eastern Ukraine.
United States 22-Sep-2020 United States : Sharp Adds Nine New Printers and MFPs to Its Letter-Sized A4 Line .
United States 22-Sep-2020 United States : PrinterLogic Achieves Sharp Validation for New Control Panel Application.
Switzerland 21-Sep-2020 Switzerland : ABB unmasks the future of customized automotive painting with PixelPaint.
Slovenia 21-Sep-2020 Slovenia : The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology supports investments in the wood industry.
Slovenia 21-Sep-2020 Slovenia : Concern for the further development of the Slovenian fire service is a priority.
Peru 21-Sep-2020 Peru : Ingemmet Publishes the Book of Abstracts of the Second International Symposium of Paleontology of Peru.
Peru 21-Sep-2020 Peru : A cooperation project was launched that will promote the recycling of waste electrical equipment (WEEE).
Canada 21-Sep-2020 Canada : Canada Invests in Innovative Technology for the Canadian Mining Industry .
Canada 21-Sep-2020 Canada : New Electric Vehicle Chargers Now Available in Whistler.
Canada 21-Sep-2020 Canada : Landmark new agreement lays out path for reconciliation with Lake Babine.
Canada 21-Sep-2020 Canada : Investing in Canadas Zero-Emission Vehicle Sector.
Canada 21-Sep-2020 Canada : New Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Coming to Squamish.
India 21-Sep-2020 India : Ashok Leyland receives an order for 1400 ICVs from Procure Box.
Canada 21-Sep-2020 Canada : Fleet Complete is now an authorized Ford Data Services provider in Canada. Canadian fleet-owners who have Ford vehicles with telematics hardware fitted as standard can now gain more business intelligence features through Fleet Completes leading .
Germany 21-Sep-2020 Germany : U.S. regulatory authorities approve settlement in civil proceedings regarding diesel emissions in the United States.
Canada 21-Sep-2020 Canada : Province transfers land to Nicola Valley First Nations to support economic development.
Canada 21-Sep-2020 Canada : Patio, service area expansions, sale and delivery of packaged liquor extended.
Canada 21-Sep-2020 Canada : Landmark new agreement lays out path for reconciliation with Lake Babine Nation.
Germany 21-Sep-2020 Germany : Available for order now: New S-Class goes on sale.
Japan 21-Sep-2020 Japan : Registration of New Crop-use Insecticide, BROFREYA SC, Japan.
Germany 21-Sep-2020 Germany : Mercedes Credit Card jetzt mit Apple Pay.
Canada 21-Sep-2020 Canada : Preferred proponent team chosen for Phase 4 of Kicking Horse Canyon Project.
Canada 21-Sep-2020 Canada : Engaging on successorship practices in forestry sector.
Germany 21-Sep-2020 Germany : Carlotta and Carlchen are the mascots of the Mercedes-Benz Museum.
Germany 21-Sep-2020 Germany : VHV successfully completes implementation of Guidewire ClaimCenter and migration of motor claims.
Germany 21-Sep-2020 Germany : Daimler Trucks presents technology strategy for electrification world premiere of Mercedes-Benz fuel-cell concept truck.
Germany 21-Sep-2020 Germany : Daimler Mobility integrates wallbox in vehicle leasing for Spanish market.
India 21-Sep-2020 India : Tata Motors rolls out a new limited-period subscription offer on Nexon EV.
Germany 21-Sep-2020 Germany : The Mercedes-Benz EQV: electric, versatile, intelligent.
Myanmar 21-Sep-2020 Myanmar : ASEAN Bureaux Working Group Council discusses cross-border motor insurance.
China 21-Sep-2020 China : PPG launches low-VOC waterborne coating system for China refinish market.
United States 21-Sep-2020 United States : PPG receives DOE funding to study coatings applications in automotive lithium-ion batteries.
United States 21-Sep-2020 United States : Ford CTO Dr. Ken Washington To Discuss Fords Technology Strategy At Evercore New Mobility & AI Forum On Sept. 22.
China, Switzerland 21-Sep-2020 China,Switzerland : Clariant To Build New High-tech Production Site For Catofin Catalysts In Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China.
Russian Federation 21-Sep-2020 Russian Federation : Tesla Model X roof collapses on the move.
Russian Federation 21-Sep-2020 Russian Federation : Ford patented name for new SUV.
Russian Federation 21-Sep-2020 Russian Federation : Drag race: new BMW M8 vs. Audi RS6, Mercedes-AMG E63 and Panamera Turbo S.
Russian Federation 21-Sep-2020 Russian Federation : Electric Range Rover debuts in a month.
Russian Federation 21-Sep-2020 Russian Federation : Future BMW models will learn to "feel" the road.
Russian Federation 21-Sep-2020 Russian Federation : Ford sets aside $ 700 million for new plant.
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